My reading list – 17/6/2013

I keep hearing from time to time that there are no new bloggers out there in Pakistan. Well sorry but that is just malarky as more often then not people tend to just read the few dozen blogs everyone does while the length and the breadth of the greater pakistani blogsphere is ignored. So as I love reading, and keep adding new blogs to my list of notables I thought I would share them with you as well!


These are in no particular order.

This is a no-man’s land, a place which doesn’t exist, a faraway imaginary destination where things work in reverse, that is, if they work at all. It is a world of no-rules, a world of fantasy, of fantastic images and ghoulish beings. It is inhabited by the demons of my imagination which are more real than the angels of yonder garden. This is a place to be lost in only to find yourself transformed……caution..

I, unfortunately, do not have the liberty of appointing a biographer. the years (and the british) have left me with little or nothing of my royal inheritance except for my title of xill-e-ilahi, which, to be honest, is considered too feudalistic by the young turks of today who frown on such “backward practices”. nonetheless, i persevere; writing my own autobiography and calling myself by my rightful title until the day that i recover my lands and claim the throne of the empire.

or, at least, until i get a ferrari.

after that i will hire an assistant who can take shorthand and do the documenting himself. until then, you can read this blog. enjoy.

The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion” . . !!

By the rights of mindless yet intelligent, directionless yet purposeful, random yet specific, liberal yet controlled, perverse yet reasonable, provocative yet agreeable blogging, I shall begin.

Go where you are celebrated – not tolerated. If they can’t see the real value of you, it’s time for a new start


Election day safety & security tips

By Cerrina Dsouza


  • Please keep your political opinion to yourself. Do not discuss leaders, party ideologies or your own vote. Politics is a very tempting as well as an emotional topic for some, therefore just refrain from any discussion.
  • Cell phone services might be down, so good planning for that day is essential.
  • Check your polling station by sending an SMS to 8300 with CNIC number by 10th May.
  • Identify the category of your polling station i.e. Most Sensitive, Sensitive or Normal.
  • Cell phones are barred inside the polling station. If you need to take one for any contingency, take a cheap/beat up cell phone and leave it in your vehicle.
  • Visit your concerned Polling station early morning (polling starts at 8am till 5pm). Avoid long queues that may build up as the day moves along especially during the hot climate. Return home early.
  • For Most Sensitive and Sensitive polling stations, wait and see, give time to the security people to organize themselves in the polling station. You may be required to visit twice to assess the situation.
  • Security will be tight in lot of the areas, therefore, expect delays.
  • Must carry water, biscuits, fruit etc. Carry your personal kit/medicines etc.
  • Park your vehicle well away from the Polling Station.
  • Identify escape routes and safe places in case of an emergency.
  • If there’s a hint of unrest, ensure you and your family is secure and leaves through safest route.
  • DO NOT handover your CNIC to any stranger even if they are genuinely helping you.
  • Crowded places are hunting grounds for pick-pockets therefore secure your belongings. Avoid heavy crowded Polling stations.
  • DO NOT carry credit cards, debit cards, other valuable items.
  • Educate your over 18 age children not to indulge in any unnecessary arguments with political parties and their youth wings.
  • DO NOT enter Polling station with your spouse or all family members together. Split in groups.
  • Avoid taking your minor children.
  • Monitor Media reports/Security situation.
  • Avoid unnecessary arguments with following people:

Election Commission/Polling Staff

LEAs/ Political workers etc.

  • Avoid political parties’ stands/stalls etc.
  • Avoid visiting Polling stations where there is no sign of LEAs.
  • Avoid any untoward scene e.g. clash between political parties.
  • Emergency cash at home – ATMs could be out of cash.
  • Avoid all crowds and public gatherings to mitigate risk of exposure to incidental violence.
  • Must carry following:

Original documents of the vehicle. If driving some body’s else vehicle, have authority letter from the owner.

Driving license

Original National Identity card(CNIC)

Business card (if any)


  • During the checking process, you are advised to cooperate with the Law Enforcement Agencies personnel on duty.
  • Charge Cell phones at all times with sufficient balance in it.
  • Know the nearest 24/7 Emergency Hospital facility to your home/polling stations.





When Will 4G LTE be available in Pakistan?

Most of the countries around the world, including some with emerging markets, are already running the latest innovation in the mobile industry: the 4G LTE. This LTE technology means Long Term Evolution, the new era or the fourth generation of mobile data innovation that brings faster data transfer using a cellular mobile network with a maximum speed of 100Mbps. Currently, Pakistan’s seven mobile network operators (Instaphone, Mobilink, Telenor, Ufone, Zong, Warid and SCO) are offering only the 3G technology to their valued subscribers. To give you some figures, there are a whooping 111 million subscribers in Pakistan last quarter according to LTE for Starters . Personally, I think it is fitting that these network providers should invest in 4G technology.

Why is this so important?

Pakistan is among the biggest mobile markets around the world. Whenever there is a new smartphone being released by mobile manufacturers, Pakistan is one of the potential markets where shipments of the mobile products are highly prioritized. This year (2013), almost every new product being introduced are 4G LTE capable. How can the users maximize the features of Samsung Galaxy SIV, for instance, if the browsing speed crawls like a turtle? Users will still rely on broadband connection using their computers. With 4G LTE, for example, sports enthusiasts can stream live poker tournaments from partypoker  directly using their iPhones or Android gadgets anywhere and anytime of the day. Although with 3G, a poker enthusiast can still enjoy and download the virtual poker room client from the biggest online gaming community using his Android device. No need to use a laptop to enjoy the full features of the website. This is an even more convenient experience that doesn’t require one to go to actual casino houses. By having a high-end smartphone, a stunning resolution, and high speed connectivity, the virtual gaming experience is more realistic than ever. The good thing about partypoker is that its full spectrum of games are not bulky since the site has a simple poker and card interface. But isn’t it wonderful if you have an even speedier gameplay experience with your high end device? What if it’s a game developed by Electronic Arts with a size of 150MB? That will take longer downloading time with a 3G network.

The concept of a smartphone is to minimize the use of a full-fledged computing device when doing basic tasks like sending emails, uploading photographs, downloading games and purchasing applications. According to Telenor Pakistan, they had invested on  ZTE to provide equipment to the nationwide network to launch the country’s first LTE technology. As part of their project, 2000 LTE base stations are expected to be constructed soon to cater to different parts of the country. We’ll just have to wait. The network providers are spending millions to bring this technology.


How to secure yourself online

There is a surge in email account hacking these days specially of people who are publicly active on facebook or twitter or businessmen who conduct large transactions through email. Three such cases have come to my knowledge in the last few days and the modus operandi seems the same. So I thought it pertinent to write this post for public consumption.

It is crucial to understand that online identity theft is a very real and scary scenario where a hacker takes over your email and social networking accounts and attempts to then either blackmail you through use of your personal pictures or in many scenarios influence your business transactions which can lead to huge and unexpected losses. Some people take it too easy with their passwords and only wakeup when the damage has been done. So please read the following carefully and see how many loop holes you have left in your system.

Account Passwords

  • Passwords must be a combination of upper and lower case alphabets and numbers for example MyBirthday1975. Keeping passwords like this leads you clear of bots which hackers use with thousands of wordstrings to hack into your accounts.
  • You MUST use different passwords for different accounts, failure to do so will lead to all your accounts being hacked together ( a nightmarish situation)
  • Never ever give your passwords to anyone online. Even your family members even if they message you one fine day saying they are stuck somewhere and need access to facebook, you never know if they are on the other end of the screen or someone impersonating them.

Email Accounts

  • If you are in Pakistan and using social media it is CRUCIAL that you turn on two step verification on your emails. You can enable this in gmail or hotmail or facebook by going into the security settings. The service will ask for a mobile no which you can provide and hence allow the service (gmail/hotmail) to sms you when logging into the account in question from any computer. This sms will contain a security code which you can then input to access your account. This extra level of security after your password will stop any hacker from entering your account even if they have cracked your password.
  • In order to use two step verified accounts on your smartphone you can go into security settings and generate application specific passwords which should be labelled correctly and then used with that device ONLY. If you are travelling with two step verification on, the security settings of your account will also let you printout a set of backup codes you can use while away from the local sms carrier.
  • It is also very important to make sure that your security question is something known only to you. Make it as personal as you can so no one can guess it quickly.
  • It is recommended that you have a few email addresses, for instance have an email which is used JUST AS A LOGIN for your facebook and nowhere else and another for your business and another for your personal use. This splits up your identity so that a hacker cannot get everything in one go if they even hack one account.
  • Be very careful of opening spam emails or emails from unknown sources. Many of them contain scripts with trojans in them. Trojans are programs that grant back door entry to your system to a hacker as soon as you are online. These days trojans are sophisticated enough to actually allow hackers to control your system right down to the mouse cursor and will alert them when you are online as well. NEVER EVER input your information in any such emails and press submit. No organization or corporate to my knowledge sends forms for you to fill with “undisclosed recipients” written in the to box.


  • Since you have invested money into buying a computer it is important to protect it carefully with a proper antivirus. There are some good ones which re available for free like AVG and Avira however i recommend a paid one so that you can have frequent access to updates and protection from hacks. Please note constant connectivity means that your system is also constantly available to attack and thus i recommend you shut it off (internet wise) when not doing anything.
  • Once you have a solid antivirus schedule it to scan your whole computer once a week at least to eliminate any baddie viruses or trojans that get through. The software does it on auto so you dont have to worry about it. It is also important to keep the antivirus software alerts to medium so that any change any script or software is making to your system is preceded by a warning which you can either allow or check out.
  • I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THAT YOU USE NO PIRATED SOFTWARE IN YOUR SYSTEM. Pirated sofware contains all kinds of viruses as they are replicated in the thousands. Usually in environments which are not very standard friendly or having any checks or balances as to how corrupt the data has become.


Chrome may be fast and light but it is definitely not as secure as firefox or internet explorer no matter what you think of microsoft. So when browsing be careful which tool you are using. It is also very important that if you use your browser or a browser on any other computer say in a hotel lobby to check your email you MUST LOG OUT at the end of your session. Sounds basic and silly but you would be surprised to know how often people break into email accounts in this manner, just because someone thought it ok to leave their session logged on and walked off.


Social Networks

  • Its great to connect via social media but such sites are also prone to trolling for prospective hacks by one or even groups of hackers so kindly keep privacy settings on high and family pictures on these networks to a minimum. Please note as a rule never put up intimate pictures online of you your spouse or your kids. 
  • Also note, just because a person puts something in their profile it does not mean that is the same person sitting behind the screen on the other end. This is the virtual world, men can be women women can be men in real and you never know where an inbox conversation will end up. So BE CAREFUL!
  • People often tend to provide access to a lot of peripheral or third party apps on twitter and facebook. Once provided access with some of these apps can do a variety of things like troll your friends list change things on your timeline and so on. Please make sure who you are providing this level of access too. Also some of these third party apps have security vulnerabilities therefore they can be used as gateways into your system.

Watch out for suspicious patterns

Emails deleting on their own, people complaining of spam from your email id and facebook randomly adding people to your account are USUALLY SYMPTOMS THAT SOMEONE HAS ACCESSED YOUR SYSTEM. If this is happening or you find out that your security has been compromised in Pakistan. The actual process is to reach out to NRC3 which is the national response center for cyber crime in our intelligence services. They have numbers on their website for you to call and complain. So that they can register a case and an FIR to start tracking an offending IP or catch someone trying to do something malicious to your system or data.


Hopefully this will help some of you secure yourselves better. Usually if you have taken care of all of the above then you are pretty safe from a hack but you never know so its best to keep on you toes in this digital age. This includes wiping your smartphones and laptops when you as we usually do trade them in for a newer model in Pakistan. Remember this is a country where women’s cell numbers are sold from guys working at top up locations so you can imagine what lengths they can go to if they have access to your machine for a few days.


Fighting hunger one person at a time

Having done relief work for over two years now one thing has become plain to me, you have to focus on one thing and do it well. When the floods hit the first time round, we were all over the place providing food rations, cooked meals, tents, water proofing roofs, medicals camps, etc etc, we literally ran our selves and our group (SA relief) ragged because we felt that we should do whatever we could, wherever we could. That was because we had little or no experience in the field of relief work. However, in 2011 when the monsoon rain floods swallowed the lives of thousands again, we picked cooked meals and medical camps and just focused on those, hence making a greater impact.

Its because of this personal experience that when the chance came for me to work with an organization like the WFP, I didn’t think twice because they focus on one thing – food. They have food baskets which they use to feed people and locally produced fortified nutrition supplements to bring up nutritional levels of the malnourished all year around. So its not just one month or three months, their efforts last, its long term. Plus even though there are no floods (fingers crossed) this year, there is rampant hunger due to inflation and poverty. So much so that 58% of our nation does not have proper access to food.. imagine that number of our population. When I try to calculate how many people that is and then watch us all waste food everyday it just hurts.

The world food program will try to feed 7.4 million people this year in Pakistan, they cannot achieve this task alone. They need all of us to pitch in and its about 77.55 USD a month for a family’s food needs. Ofcourse they have not received food for a while and thus many of these poor people are malnutritioned.   Its about USD 18 per month to bring a malnutritioned kids levels back up to normal.

In order to contribute you can send your money direct to this account, if you want to volunteer to help WFP please do it here  Do whatever you can and collect any amount you can but please try to help, not just because its ramzan or because its the time to give or whatever but because these are our own countrymen. These are Pakistani’s which we can help directly, instead of talking about them or writing about them or making petitions on facebook or cursing our leaders we can make a difference in peoples lives ourselves. So make that difference. I promise you that you will never regret this decision.


Pk relief mission 5 report

Even though we had not gone back to shikarpur in two weeks the off roaders had kept in mind the SSGC degree college camp witnessed by us while we were on ground there. We contacted Mr Mukesh the pointman of this camp and found that the food situation there was getting desperate. This camp houses about 3000 people in the shape of about 300 registered and a 100 unregistered families at an average of 7-8 people each. Thus we prepared 500 food hampers (5 kg ata, 5 kg flour, 1 litre oil, 2 kg dal, 2 soaps)as well as 500 clothing hampers ( separate suits for male females and children plus shoes) for this school and along with this relief took 1500 additional food hampers and a truck of water  +15  medicine cartons when we set off on mission no 5 on the 3rd of September.

Along the way we experienced two tire shreds, and there is a reason why I am calling these shreds and not punctures. However each time we came to a halt, we were approached by the Highway police within minutes for assistance which was very polite and considerate. They also offered us Iftari but we made do with rotis and piaz/onionsand reached shikarpur around 9:30 pm.

We liaised with the school management and set up our staging area with our relief supplies ready while one team headed to the school to prepare lots of people in datsun vehicles and to bring them along with their SSGC ration cards to our distribution site. Upon arrival at site they were instructed to sit in single file and then we started releasing groups of 5 to the back gate where an offroader would check the registration card send them inside the staging area and another offroader would then recheck the no of people in the family (listed on card) and hand out hampers accordingly. These IDPS then proceeded to exit from the front gate and the process kept on going very smoothly till 330am until all 400 families had received aid.

Having exhausted ourselves fully we slept for the night and woke up at about 9am. We then set out to the civil hospital shikarpur, otherwise also known as district headquarters hospital. The conditions in the wards were overwhelmingly pathetic specially in the pediatric ward where there were about 5 kids to one bed. Most of them were suffering from gastro and chest infections and we started by handing over all the medicine we had brought to the hospital staff. We then decided to and handed over one food hamper per family of patientz as well, as most of them are the same IDP’s we had set out to serve. After we had completed each ward and covered all the families of all the patients we had a meeting with the E.D.O who gave us a list of medicines urgently required. We also distributed packets of flour and rice outside on hospital grounds as well as donated half a truck of aquafina water to this hospital.

At this point we were left with 1000 food hampers which we liaised with the U.N to guide to Sewan where we were told there was desperate need for supplies. The water we had left with us we took to the Hands camp in shikarpur and distributed there. Hands is an NGO we have found and personally visited camps off, which is doing brilliant work in a non obtrusive manner wherever we go.

Having finished with all our supplies we left shikarpur at around 820pm to arrive back in Karachi at 5am the next (sun morning) at sehri time. I think its important for aid convoys to know that there is no danger on the highway at night if you have 4-5 cars/jeeps in your convoy.

Our next target is to better the conditions (hygiene & medcare) of the pediatric ward in the civil hospital Karachi and get them better beds as well as medicine to keep the kids healthy. This will be our first step into the rehabilitation part of our relief work which we feel is apt given the waters are receding and people are starting to go back to their villages. Now they will need help in rebuilding their lives  and we plan to stand with them.

Pictures for this relief mission are available here

To donate to our cause please visit here or click the paypal widget on the right on this blog.

At this juncture we the Off roaders club has provided rations for more than one week to 32000 ppl in Sukkur Shikarpur & Sewan, ready to eat meals to 25000 people in Thatta & Hyderabad, 280  family tents (one tent holds 8 people) and water (1.5 litre) to the tune of 4 truck loads (one truck carrying 1000 cases of 1.5 x 6) bottles. We have also provided more than 20 cartons of medicines and are liaising with other people on ground for example Hands, Reflections & KRT to get help out to wherever it is needed as quickly as possible. We are assisted in this mission by not only our friends but BEHBUD association Karachi which is maintaining a seperate account for us where donations can be sent to as per link above.

Please note we do not want glory or fame, we are just private citizens of Pakistan who want to help and do it with our own hands.


Aid convoys under threat

As part of the Offroad Pakistan relief convoy, I have been making regular trips to interior Sindh. On our first trip to Sukkur two weeks ago, our trucks were attacked while distributing food packages on the Sukkur-Shikarpur road. I was present on location then and had to assist in distribution while trying to maintain some kind of order. I realized that the mob of over 700 or so was desperate for food and water, and didn’t want anything else.

A week ago, in Shikarpur, we experienced mobbing  but soon realised that quite a few people in the mob weren’t IDPs but professional thugs, which prompted us to sometimes stop our distribution and drive away. This was a decision taken by our core members to make sure that the aid we had brought was reaching the IDPs and not people who were out to make a quick buck.

This last weekend however, our aid convoys were attacked by organised mobs. Rehan Bandukda, one of the aid workerswho went to deliver 20.000 ready-to-eat meals on Saturday recalls the scene en route to Thatta:

“As soon as we reached the Makli bypass, 20 to 30 people came in front of our trucks, the lead car got through but the trucks had to slow down and this is when people started climbing on to the trucks.  I was in the car and was asked by the remaining covoy to turn back. When we turned back, it was a scene out of a nightmare: dozens of people had climbed onto the trucks with others on rickshaws and motorcycles following. The looters who had managed to climb on to the truck were trying to get through the tarpaulin to get the food supplies and pass it on. At least a hundred people or more were following on foot, hoping to get any spoils left behind

Nabil Jangda leading another convoy with 4,000 ready-to-eat meals later reported:

“The situation is beyond the control of NGOS and the local police. With the help of Rangers, we managed to reach the Pakistan Steel community safe house where Karachi Relief Trust is planning to set up a tent community and is currently giving shelter to around 1,000 IDPs. In spite of the security at the gates of the safe house, as we loaded our truck people from the streets (including locals) jumped over the fences and started grabbing anything they could get a hold of. We then called Falah-e-Insaniayt Foundation (another NGO) who had with them private security guards, to help us successfully transfer the goods out of the safe house in to a warehouse. If the aw and order situation is not controlled in Thatta, it will be impossible to carry out any relief work”

We were not the only convoy to be attacked en route to, and in, Thatta. Sana Saleem who is a member of the Future Leaders of Pakistan, Karachi chapter reports from on site near Jamshero while distributing food for infants :

“While we were on our  way, we were informed of mob attacks and widespread looting but the fact is there is no strategy to avoid these attacks. At one point we were surrounded by 300 women and the crowd got unruly very quickly but what was most shocking for me was when we were chased by 7 motorbikes, with three men on each, trying to jump onto our truck to get a hold of the relief packets.”

All three of these convoys were rescued by immediate action by police as well as by members of other NGOs based in Thatta. An extremely crucial aspect in all three incidents is that the people looting or attempting to attack the aid convoys did not appear to be IDPs as they were much more organised.

The police and government authorities are so thinly stretched due to evacuation work, that they really cannot provide security to each relief convoy. At the same time, the relief work cannot be halted and must reach the flood affectees. Similar issues are being faced by foreign aid workers in Sukkur with “suspicious individuals” loitering around the area.

The government needs to deploy the Army to ensure safety of relief convoys at least along the main highways to maintain security. Such threats will not only stop the supply of local aid but will also hinder aid supplies from international donors. Although the local police have been very supportive, they simply do not have the resources to handle the situation. A mobile escort with a convoy usually means eight policemen against a mob of sometimes 200-300 people. How can they protect the convoy when they cannot even protect themselves from the mob?

For people and organisations who are taking or are considering taking relief supplies, it is absolutely necessary that they liaison with local authorities. It is also important to not have aid or organisation banners displayed on delivery vehicles since that makes it an easy target. Also, sometimes one has decide the validity of taking a relief truck into certain mobbing or holding back the supplies till the path is clear. Please remember this is not disaster tourism, the threat on ground is quite real and only those prepared to handle it should be out there.


As published in the Dawn Blog on 31/8/2010


Flood relief mission 2

With a very heavy heart I write this blog post urging for immediate suport for the flood victims. We have been receiving word from many sources that there is dire need for food relief in the disaster stricken areas people may possibly be dying while we sit comfortably in our homes enjoying those lavish iftaris. With 20 million poeple suffering from the disaster we simply cannot wait for International donor agencies to suddenly wake up and come running, they simply are not too concerned.  The political leadership PPP despite being in power has zero presence in this region and all feudal lords are busy protecting their own lands while the rest can go to hell.
This last week a group of friends from Offroad Pakistan and MotorSports Club of Pakistan embarked upon a relief mission to Sukkur. One team setup a small tent city of about 50 odd tents provided them with food and water, while the remaining hampers were distributed in and around the disaster area.

Another team took the step to head towards Kashmore with about 1800 food hampers, went door to door and they got a first hand glimpse of what hunger and starvation has done to these dislocated people. Frantic requests have come forth to come now not later, and to come repeatedly, have emerged from all these areas, whatever we do, is at best a small drop, but we MUST help nevertheless to hopefully save our people.
OffroadPakistan was envisioning a longer planned approach with the establishment of a tent city with over 500 tents housing 5000 people with total logistical support for the next 3 months.
With the repeated pleas for help, we are compelled to NOT sit back and plan, but to deliver NOW targeting remote locations where aid has not reached, being offroading enthusiasts we need to push the envelop to go further and deeper. So hence forth we launch the effort for our second relief mission this weekend Saturday we depart and with the hope to return Monday evening if not sooner. To plan for this sudden trip we have some donations left over from last week which can be diverted to acquiring one truck of food hampers [600 from makro, we have commitment for a truck of bread [Papay]. We are issuing an urgent call for donation, the best way is to donate cash to Dr Awab personally [23-B Sindhi Muslim Society] alternatively you can arrange for goods in-kind but preferably in pre-packaged hampers [which should be ready to depart on Friday night] as usual the entire trip will be documented via Twitter, GPS and Facebook, so everyone will have live updates of where we are and what we are doing.
Step up NOW, Pakistan simply cannot wait!!


PKFlood field updates

Its been a hectic week and a half, since me and Awab Alvi decided to roll our sleeves up and do something for the flood victims of Pakistan and specifically sindh. The resulting initiative saw many friends joining us in our effort, as well as bloggers and tweeple from our online lives. They are now actively collaborating with us (Sarelief) to spread the word, collect recources and to get them to where it counts the most.

For this purpose we were heading out to moro tomorrow in Sindh but unfortunately the situation there has become very risky with the oncoming flood in the area. The bund/barrage at moro is under threat to break as well. Thus we have taken a last minute decision and sent our trucks to sukkur with us following tomorrow morning for a distribution rally on sunday. We should, if all goes well have about 1100 hampers to distribute plus 70 tents and 300 cartons of water plus 150 cans of tinned (ready to eat food). Each hamper can feed a family for 10-12 days minimum while each tent can house nine people.

We are joined in this relief effort by volunteers as well as friends and our thoughts as well as updates will be coming in on the following cover it live app. Hope to get the tremendous support shown to us into hands most needy of it!!

Hashtags on twitter will be  #pkfield & #pkoprel to hook into this feed. Please do join in!


Pkfloods10: Flood Relief Campaign for Southern Pakistan

The earthquake’s  that hit Pakistan in 2005 and 2008  were regarded as the worst tragedy for the nation. Few have realized that the recent floods have in fact caused more damage then those earthquake’s did. As per latest reports official figures stand at 1600 dead and 12 million left homeless.

The Monsoon rains began  two weeks ago and have washed away roads, bridges and communications lines, hampering rescue efforts by aid organizations and the government. The downpours have grounded many aircraft trying to rescue people and ferry aid, including six helicopters manned by US troops on secondment from Afghanistan.

Currently 30,000 Pakistan Army troops are busy in rescue and relief efforts. Where as  the Earthquake of 2005 and 2008 and the IDP crisis were devastating,  unlike the Flooding they were contained within a geographic area. Flooding has been reported  from Kyhber-Pakthunkwa all they way down to Southern Punjab and  Sindh.

There is only so much the government and the armed forces can do in the face of such a massive disaster and so we as citizens have undertaken the mantle of trying to add our little drop to the ocean/

To that end, SA Relief operating under the aiegus of Paksef has joined hands with Motorclub of Pakistan, and  Off-Roaders Pakistan to collect funds for flood relief victims starting with  areas surrounding Moro, Sindh by distributing car packets.

Each care packet will contain 20 kg flour, 2 kg  dal, 1 kg oil,  and 3 kg rice,. Based on current market rates each packet will costs 920 PKR (Pakistani Rupees), that is around 13 USD (U.S. Dollars).

What  we need is your help in raising funds, please donate generously. Zakat is accepted as well.

Donations can be made one of two ways:

By depositing into MOTORSPORTS CLUB PAKISTAN account at Samba Bank Ltd. in Karachi. A/C#06500379349  or  ChipIn via  PayPal:

Online contributions are being collected by PAKISTAN SCIENCE & ENGINEERING FOUNDATION, a 501(c)(3) registered California based not-for-profit organization, EIN# 20-2950808. For info contact:

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