When Will 4G LTE be available in Pakistan?

Most of the countries around the world, including some with emerging markets, are already running the latest innovation in the mobile industry: the 4G LTE. This LTE technology means Long Term Evolution, the new era or the fourth generation of mobile data innovation that brings faster data transfer using a cellular mobile network with a maximum speed of 100Mbps. Currently, Pakistan’s seven mobile network operators (Instaphone, Mobilink, Telenor, Ufone, Zong, Warid and SCO) are offering only the 3G technology to their valued subscribers. To give you some figures, there are a whooping 111 million subscribers in Pakistan last quarter according to LTE for Starters . Personally, I think it is fitting that these network providers should invest in 4G technology.

Why is this so important?

Pakistan is among the biggest mobile markets around the world. Whenever there is a new smartphone being released by mobile manufacturers, Pakistan is one of the potential markets where shipments of the mobile products are highly prioritized. This year (2013), almost every new product being introduced are 4G LTE capable. How can the users maximize the features of Samsung Galaxy SIV, for instance, if the browsing speed crawls like a turtle? Users will still rely on broadband connection using their computers. With 4G LTE, for example, sports enthusiasts can stream live poker tournaments from partypoker  directly using their iPhones or Android gadgets anywhere and anytime of the day. Although with 3G, a poker enthusiast can still enjoy and download the virtual poker room client from the biggest online gaming community using his Android device. No need to use a laptop to enjoy the full features of the website. This is an even more convenient experience that doesn’t require one to go to actual casino houses. By having a high-end smartphone, a stunning resolution, and high speed connectivity, the virtual gaming experience is more realistic than ever. The good thing about partypoker is that its full spectrum of games are not bulky since the site has a simple poker and card interface. But isn’t it wonderful if you have an even speedier gameplay experience with your high end device? What if it’s a game developed by Electronic Arts with a size of 150MB? That will take longer downloading time with a 3G network.

The concept of a smartphone is to minimize the use of a full-fledged computing device when doing basic tasks like sending emails, uploading photographs, downloading games and purchasing applications. According to Telenor Pakistan, they had invested on  ZTE to provide equipment to the nationwide network to launch the country’s first LTE technology. As part of their project, 2000 LTE base stations are expected to be constructed soon to cater to different parts of the country. We’ll just have to wait. The network providers are spending millions to bring this technology.