Deadpan in the media

March 27, 2008 I got quoted in the article “Pakistani’s lash out at U.S meddling” on CNN

August 18, 2008 I got quoted and the blog gets mentioned in the article “Musharraf’s resignation accepted” on CNN

Sept 3, 2008 I got quoted in this article on blogging  in CIO Pakistan.

Sept 20, 2008 I got quoted on “Real Clear World” one of the top most blogs worldwide here

Sept 25, 2008 I got featured at L.A times here

Feb 06, 2009 I got Quoted and recommended in USA today

March 10, 2009 I got quoted on Reuters here

April 3, 2009 Did a radio spot/interview with Mike Graham of 107 FM uk live, which can be reheard here, starts at 3mins into recording

April 29, 2009 I Got featured in the LA Times here

May 3, 2009 I got quoted in the article “Hysteria over swine flu” on CNN

May 10, 2009 Was named blogger of the month by Teabreak, that interview is here

July 22, 2009 I got quoted in “Herald De Paris” here

August 2010, CNN did a special on aid efforts in the Pak Flood and i got featured and quoted here

I have also written up to now over a 100 print/published articles which can be found in the “published articles” section on this blog as well as numerous guest posts and online articles for different sites. I would love to list all of them here but I think by now you must be getting bored of my narcissism, but hey thanks for coming here, without your feedback and support Deadpan would be nothing.

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