Election day safety & security tips

By Cerrina Dsouza


  • Please keep your political opinion to yourself. Do not discuss leaders, party ideologies or your own vote. Politics is a very tempting as well as an emotional topic for some, therefore just refrain from any discussion.
  • Cell phone services might be down, so good planning for that day is essential.
  • Check your polling station by sending an SMS to 8300 with CNIC number by 10th May.
  • Identify the category of your polling station i.e. Most Sensitive, Sensitive or Normal.
  • Cell phones are barred inside the polling station. If you need to take one for any contingency, take a cheap/beat up cell phone and leave it in your vehicle.
  • Visit your concerned Polling station early morning (polling starts at 8am till 5pm). Avoid long queues that may build up as the day moves along especially during the hot climate. Return home early.
  • For Most Sensitive and Sensitive polling stations, wait and see, give time to the security people to organize themselves in the polling station. You may be required to visit twice to assess the situation.
  • Security will be tight in lot of the areas, therefore, expect delays.
  • Must carry water, biscuits, fruit etc. Carry your personal kit/medicines etc.
  • Park your vehicle well away from the Polling Station.
  • Identify escape routes and safe places in case of an emergency.
  • If there’s a hint of unrest, ensure you and your family is secure and leaves through safest route.
  • DO NOT handover your CNIC to any stranger even if they are genuinely helping you.
  • Crowded places are hunting grounds for pick-pockets therefore secure your belongings. Avoid heavy crowded Polling stations.
  • DO NOT carry credit cards, debit cards, other valuable items.
  • Educate your over 18 age children not to indulge in any unnecessary arguments with political parties and their youth wings.
  • DO NOT enter Polling station with your spouse or all family members together. Split in groups.
  • Avoid taking your minor children.
  • Monitor Media reports/Security situation.
  • Avoid unnecessary arguments with following people:

Election Commission/Polling Staff

LEAs/ Political workers etc.

  • Avoid political parties’ stands/stalls etc.
  • Avoid visiting Polling stations where there is no sign of LEAs.
  • Avoid any untoward scene e.g. clash between political parties.
  • Emergency cash at home – ATMs could be out of cash.
  • Avoid all crowds and public gatherings to mitigate risk of exposure to incidental violence.
  • Must carry following:

Original documents of the vehicle. If driving some body’s else vehicle, have authority letter from the owner.

Driving license

Original National Identity card(CNIC)

Business card (if any)


  • During the checking process, you are advised to cooperate with the Law Enforcement Agencies personnel on duty.
  • Charge Cell phones at all times with sufficient balance in it.
  • Know the nearest 24/7 Emergency Hospital facility to your home/polling stations.