Abbas town blast


3:00 Am

Another evening and another blast in Karachi. This time in a motorcycle according to DSP Sachal Qamar Ahmed. The bomb was placed at the entrance of Abbas town which is a densely populated area  with lots of tea shops and was powerful enough to destroy the facades of several building in that area. As the lights went out following downed electricity poles in the wake of the blast, local residents rushed to the scene and started pulling people out of the debris to get them to hospitals before any of the authorities arrived on scene.

Currently more than a 100 are feared dead in this massive blast. Official sources like GEO NEWS are reporting casualties at over 40 , however this number will only go up as morning dawns on us. The targets were obviously the Shia community mostly prevalent in this part of Karachi and the bomb was also strategically located near the entrance of  a nearby mosque to get maximum effect.

At this point the city of Karachi has once again opened its arms to those of us in need. Many people can be seen trying to organize either camps and using social media to announce their efforts or issue calls for empathy and help. While this is something wonderful to see and has been seen time and again when a disaster takes place in pakistan it is very important at this moment to try to focus one’s mind on using social media to spread relevant and crucial info.

Blood Required

If you wish to help, this in my opinion is the best way to do so as morning dawns on us. Right now there are long lines at AKU for donating blood to the victims of Abbas town however blood banks at Hussaini, Liaqut National & JPMC still require donations and shortages of (-ve) blood have been reported by people visiting Hussaini in the last hour.

Medical/relief camps

There are camps being setup by different individuals from political parties and civil society. At this moment I feel that we should forget where we lie on the political scale and come together to help those in need. I also feel that it is crucial for all of us to stop identifying the victims as a minority and first accept in our own hearts that these are Pakistani’s like any one of us. Identifying them as a fringe group time and again has only served to isolate this community more while we should be focused on unity as one nation. I will be posting more info on camps as they come into the picture, but one of the first ones I have heard of is by  @NazBalochPTI: Who is arranging a Medical Camp for the blast victims at Abbas Town, Khi. plz contact her at [email protected] if you wish to help or volunteer.



While several organizations and hospitals will be already collecting donations for the victims of this tragedy. I feel it would be prudent to wait and donate directly to the relevant localized associations rather then at random. It is always best to work with smaller groups so that your aid is more focused as per the relevant information from victims families. Will post a list of organizations one can donate to as soon as I have credible info.


Please also note that the residents of Abbas town will be coming out to protest what has happened to them tomorrow. We must as a people stand together with them and condemn what has occurred as well as condemn the perpetrators of this madness and demand justice from the government. In doing so let us also not forget to offer “Fateha” prayer for the departed souls in this massacre before we do anything else.

May god grant peace to the victims of this terrible tragedy and strength for the families left behind.



A camp has been set up in Al mohsin hall where infrastructure is present to donate to families victimized in this blast. The location of Al mohsin hall is here  This is by Shaheed foundation and Shia ulema council

Indus Valley kids are holding a camp at 1 pm on March 4 2013 (today) to collect donations and clothes for victims families. All the proceeds will be handed over to shaheed foundation.

You can also donate online to Shaheed foundation for victims families.

Al Khidmat foundation is also collecting blood at any al khidmat center. There no is 021 – 36609075

AKD is also collecting donations and food plus water at his residence in the middle of Muhafiz and Rahat

Jafria Disaster Management Cell has arranged shelter and food for the victims, if anyone needs to volunteer or seek advice their no is 0345 2079026 in Incholi.

You can give food, clothes and other materials to Murtuza Hasan Askari also on main Khyabane Shamseer (opposite khadda market). Contact# 03332472400

The car leaves the house tomorrow at 6pm for Abbas town from Murtuza’s side.

Accomodation arrangments for victims made at new rizvia. Contact J.D.C pm 0345 2079026

Karachi Relief trust account for Victims of this tragedy : HBL 0786 79007282 03



As per @yusrasaskari and her ground team at abbas town these are the things required by the victims families.

25 packs containing the following

Aata : 10 kilos

Chana daal: 2 kilos

Rice : 5 kilos

Ghee/oil :” 1 kilo

sugar : 2 kilos

Milk : 4 packs of 1/4 kilo

Detergent : 1 packet

Soap : 2 packets


Also needed in long run :

Bedding, clothes and shoes (new) for children (both boys and girls) upto 3 yrs, 5 years and 8 years.

Slippers also needed about 30 for women new

Please contact [email protected] if you wish to help!