Youth tech camp – Experiences

Participants of the youth tech conference in Islamabad show a lot of energy, enthusiasm and dedication on being part of this community of world wide learners. Here are some of their responses on what they have experienced so far :




All these technology related stuff that we get to learn it here in Youth Tech Camp is just amazing. It’s just beyond my expectations. Never got chance to learn all these programs before because I didn’t think Social Media , Blogging, Digital stories were all important. But now I do realize how effective these recourses are to express your thoughts and to raise awareness around the world through these simple technologies. Sarwat Murtaza


The Youth Tech camp has been great so far. All the participants are so energetic and seem so pumped up to learn some technological skills. Mr. Faisal Kapadia and Ms. Nighat Dad have conducted really impressive sessions and got participants interested in digital story telling and blogging. We have learnt a lot of new skills. Now we have got some new ideas that we can use technology for. Technology can be used bring the change and for the betterment of the society. I always wanted somebody to teach me how to use the technology in a beneficial way, Youth Tech camp has given me the idea and the way to use technology in a better way. I always wanted to convey what I think about the things to people, tech camp has given me the idea how I can portray my message in a impressive way. Ali Larosh


‘Social media is a snake oil,’ said Faisal Kapadia during his first session at Tech camp 2012.

Interesting, I never looked at social media like that before. I never realized that it holds such an immense power. I never realized that we can collude a better world by supplanting the heightened negative notions with a different perspective through digital storytelling, blogging, tweeting. I never realized that social media can be such a great help. Scintillating and touchy sessions on digital video telling made me realize that minorities who can’t express themselves the way we do also need to be heard; their inspiring stories need a limelight. Tooba Khalid

I didn’t know what I would be expecting at the Youth TechCamp when I got selected, but what I didn’t expect was the motivation and the energy boost it gave me for all things Social Media. Being a huge Social Media user myself it has time to time proved my faith in it and my fascination with it. Rarely will you see any other platform affecting lives and bringing huge amounts of change than Social Media. I am motivated to voice my concerns and beliefs and passion, to start my own blog, go back to my love for writing, photography and journalism. Youth TechCamp has done that for me and I am sure the experience I will take back with me will shape me and my life the way I always wanted. Fatima Lotia

techcamp has shown me a whole another world so far… The world of blogging and digital-storytelling; it made me realize the the effectiveness of social-activism as I felt the goosebumps on my arms while watching this beautifully done digital-story. Hameer

Being an admirer of technology, my excitement for the Youth Tech Camp was immense when I stepped into the conference hall on day one. The idea that I will be learning about digital story telling or blogging through hands on experience with professionals held a special place itself. The first day Faisal Kapadia, an experienced writer and entrepreneur, took us on a journey through his life story and Nighat Dad elaborated on the importance of violence through ICT. As the day progressed, Nighat taught us the essentials for making our own digital story telling. I am sad that the tech camp is only three days. There is so much to learn. Irfan


Youth Tech Camp 2012, a very inventive and enlightening camp all about technology is being held in Islamabad, Pakistan from September 27 to September 29 has provided me with lots of opportunities to learn about different innovative things regarding technology including Citizen Journalism, Photoshop, Movie maker, you name it.  Day 2 for the camp has just started and the enthusiasm of the people shows how keyed up everybody is. Aqib Malik


The firsts of tech camp was truly inspiring, I really felt privileged and honored for being a part of it. I met some amazingly talented alumni of Youth Exchange and Study who are really nice and friendly to each other. The things we are learning are those which will prove really helpful in future. I really hope that after this camp everyone will keep in touch with each other and come up with great project ideas for the betterment of our country. Usama Manzoor

How can words ever define the experience of transforming into a technology geek; from learning the skills of digital storytelling to understanding the power of social media? Youngsters, from around Pakistan, gathered on a single platform to imbibe awareness and inculcate technical abilities. Day one of TechCamp kicked off by the social-media activist, Faisal Kapadia, who enlightened all and sundry with the rudiments and significance of social media, while Nighat Dad transported us to the world of digital storytelling. Through interactions, practice, and visual training, productivity and creativity was kindled! Faryal Hassan

Youth Techcamp is all about taking simple technology and using it for extraordinary purposes. Its about making an impact and thankfully now we are equipped to do that, we are ready to take our activism to the next level.No borders, no restrictions can stop us, we’re the Tech-generation and we’re going viral friends! Aown Kazmi



With a million thoughts and a desire to learn something new, 40 Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange and Study Program alumni traveled from different cities of Pakistan to attend the magnanimous workshop in Islamabad. Youth TechCamp is about using the technology and the tool of social media to create social activists and equip selves with the ways effective to make an impact. Farwah Rizvi



As soon as I was selected for Tech camp, I knew it was one of the very privileged events at iearn. But, it was only after it began, that I realized the real importance of this event. I learned how we all fail to realize the great power we have, the power of Social Media. But, as it is said, ‘with great power comes great responsibility’, so we should be careful of what is ‘on the internet’.With a little care and some respect for others privacy, our youth can bring a social change, a change that is much required. Hamza Hakimi




YouthTechCamp ’12 going in Pakistan is the World’s 3rd Tech Camp. An intensely enthusiastic group of youngsters sitting behind their screens, practicing the directions of the professional trainers. Although it has been only a single day since its beginning but one can surely see the impact of it just by talking to anyone of the participants for just a minute. NIghat Dad shared the platform of Digital Storytelling with heart-touching stories as examples and then we had Faisal Kapadia sharing his personal experiences and struggle in this social media world and today he is giving us a lead in wordpress. With a twitter trend of #youth #techcamp we are acknowledging the whole world the change being brought in Pakistan Umair Ansari