A few months ago me and samra muslim met for the first time with an idea. LivEy is the realization of this idea. A group of personalities from Pakistan’s social and mainstream media landscape which will be sent every couple of months to a new destination internationally. To discuss their experiences and to make new ones through social and mainstream sources into what will be,  a live as never before done travelogue with angles of food, culture, music, art and travel, courtesy Etihad airways.

The members of this team currently include me, Tazeen,Yusra, Mehmal, Fursid, Kiran, Samra, Tapu & Ali khurshid. As time goes on we will be adding more people to this group as our journey unfolds

Join us as our first entry in this travelogue is being created in Abu Dhabi!!

  1. idea achha hai. reminds me of shoaib mansoor’s gulls and guys. will be interesting to see what destinations become a part of it. anyone interested in yemen? join me in mid july. or germany and belgium, join me in the end of august. say what?

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