The novelist – chapter 1

The novelist is a series of writings by me which i will be publishing chapter by chapter, it is the tale of a couple looking for destiny but meeting something they did not even deem possible in their lives.



The rain hit the windows with a sound like thousands of little hands beating upon them, threatening to fling them open, to break into the comfort they were protecting. The rain had been the same ever since they had arrived in this tropical paradise, two days had passed and without relent it had continued. It’s not like this was the first journey abroad for zarmina and her husband, as they often took off in the summers from the sticky heat and load shedding woes of Karachi. However even they had not expected this kind of weather when they made plans for Srilanka.

“Did I not tell you to check the weather channel man, this sucks Jalal what are we going to do now”

“I don’t mind spending more time with you in the bedroom”

“Oh shut it, its been a bit too long for even that”

“Awww c’mon its never too long for thaaat”

Jalal rolled over and grabbed his wife of 5 years smothering her in the bed with kisses and ardor brought on by the sound of falling water, his hands caressing away her hair to gaze into her eyes, he loved doing that as she had eyes the color of a raging sea one could drown into. In fact the first time he had met her he had been mesmerized by her eyes and had not slept for days afterwards wanting to talk to her to make some contact with her.

“oyee where the hell have you gone to” Zarmina smacked her husband on the back of his head, hating the fact that he was so lost at times, yet loving the dreamy look he had in his eyes at the moment.

“you thinking of her again?” hmmmm?

“no no, for gods sake zari will you ever let it go” he knew she would not, the trials of marrying a woman who was both possessive and beautiful and even jealous of a past he had told her all about. From time to time she would still jab at it, sometimes teasing sometimes playful but always with that “fuck with me not” tone.

“Oh I let her go a long time ago baby, it’s your mind that I worry about you know”

“my mind is here with you zari where It belongs” said Jalal

“yeh yeh so you always says but who knows about you chalu mards hmm, you get extra excited in the rain anyways”

On that note he pulled the duvet over both of them and proceeded to set about fulfilling his desires to the sound of giggles and coos from her. Afterwards she looked at him as he lit up his cigarette and started  “You do know you have hardly written anything for two days”

“ Oh come on you are doing the same thing my damn publisher does man, pressure me”

“well a best selling novel is not going to just write itself you know” she mumbled

“Yes well I certainly can’t force myself to write woman”

Jalal sat and thought as he looked at her and then realized she did not understand what he was talking about. He knew in his heart that the book previous to this which had become sort of a sleeper hit was not something he wrote by discipline, but perhaps that was something better left unsaid as many people never understand that the author is usually just a channel not the creator. Its not as if writing another one was not part of his plan, but he really wondered sometimes why he needed to come away from the hustle and bustle of their city of residence to write.

“you know what zari”

“No jalal I don’t think we should again”

“No no not that, I was actually thinking we should stay here longer you know more than a week, look the rains spoilt our plan anyways might as well extend it”

“ But what will we do here jalal, its always raining and you know I hate staying out of the country for too long, I miss my parents”

“Well consider this my lady, what if we had to actually move out of Pakistan one day”

“oh no way man”

“It could happen zari, with the condition things are in back there we might have to consider other options”

“Yes other options but not some place which we just happen to visit”

“Ok well I am going to go to the real state agent just to check on stuff”

“Alright hubby alright let the rain stop we will go together”

She knew this was the only way her husband would sleep at night, this was always how he was when an idea took his minds flight, he had to see it through as soon as possible or he became all forlorn and melancholy.

To be continued….

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