Pkrelief update

Relief initiatives completed this week

1) Abdul Sattar Ishaqani and Nishat wellfare organization combined with us to bring relief in the form of 500 ration hampers as well as medicines and a medical camp to the area of Sanghar. Pictures of this undertaking are available here

2) Hamid Yahya and his team from CFC took their team to sanghar and we supported them with 300 ration hampers, 450 litres of water and medicines. Pictures of this undertaking are available here

3) Alhuda’s team went to Sujawal and we supplied them anti malaria medicine for 400 patients.

4) We started a Kitchen In Khorwah, about an hours drive from badin with the help of our team member Salim Khan to bring cooked meals of Water and beef to 750 people daily. This kitchen has been working all of last week and pictures of our cooked meal distribution are available here.

5) We have also received a donation for 10,000 fruit juice packs and have sent half of these to badin already, they will arrive and be distributed tomorrow.

Initiatives to come

  • We plan to continue our kitchen in Khorwah for the next ten days, we are also trying to increase the size of the people served from 750 daily to 1500
  • We have acquired 1000 malaria nets (self standing) and will distribute them in different areas
  • We are in touch with LRBT through Afia Salam and plan to provide eye treatment to the host of families that have arrived on the highway in Karachi
  • We are in touch with rangers to liaison with and provide relief in the shape of ready to eat meals to places where we as a relief team cannot reach personally or through our contacts.
  • We are planning and will organize a medical camp as soon as we get adequate supplies of medicine and doctors..currently medicines are in really short supply due to hoarding.

As you have probably noticed , our focus in on immediate relief right now. This is because there are according to conservative estimates more than 8 million people on the roads od Sindh right now. So the real desperate need is of cooked food, water, juice, rations, anti malaria and malaria preventive medicine, mosquito nets and so on.  Rehabilitation plans will come later, first we need to ensure that these people do not die of hunger or sickness.

We at Sarelief do not believe in waiting for the right time to distribute aid, we believe every moment is precious and thus try to get aid to the ground as fast as possible and through partnering with any reliable organization. We also do NOT charge fuel expenses, travelling expenses, food lodging or any other kind of administrative overheads thus insuring that every single penny of your aid gets to the needy, not some percentage of it.

We appeal to every single one of you to help our pakistani brethren out of this tragedy, whether it is by donating to us or to any other reliable organization on the ground!!

We thank all our donors for the support they have given us, god bless all of you wherever you are!!

Pk relief is the hashtag (#pkrelief) we use on social media to categorize all the work being done by us and our partners on the ground in the 2011 rain disaster in Pakistan.

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