Pk relief – Mission Badin

The recent rains have caused tremendous damage in Badin and Baluchistan. The NDMA estimates more than 200,000 people displaced as 100 villages have been swept with water from a 200 foot wide gap in the salinity drain there. As of an hour ago the army has started a huge operation in Badin and are trying to get at least 100,000 people to makeshift camps being set up.

When we at PkRelief, an organization based on the partnership between the Offroad Pakistan group and SA Relief heard about this situation we immediately reached out to the local infrastructure to see what we could do. As an organization we have been working for several years on relief efforts and have strong local contacts to get the job done. In 2010 alone our organization collected and dispersed (personally) over USD 170,000 in our flood relief efforts and is currently now on ground in Badin.

We have presently adopted 3 camps with the help of the “Nishat Welfare Organization” which has already housed 1000 of these IDPS. Our plan is initially to provide them cooked meals for the next 15 days, in order to at least give them a chance of returning to their lives once the rainwaters subside.

The current cost of doing so is equal to PKR 40,000 daily and we have enough funds to bear this expense for just 7 days. Therefore consider this an appeal for your donations. Our second stage will involve medicine and clothing and the third rehabilitation of this immense multitude of IDPS.

Our work and updates of it can be seen at The SA Relief website, a widget on this same website will also be available shortly to enable you to contribute via paypal or credit card online.

Please donate generously. We as a group do not charge anything personally for this effort, neither do we charge fuel and other such expenses from donations – thus we can guarantee that more than 98% of your donations will actually reach the ground with our own hands. We also have the unique powers of expert off roading in this group and the vehicles to get through many an obstacle posing hurdles to the usual relief convoys.

Please contact me Faisal Kapadia or Awab Alvi with any questions you have in this regard.

  1. Assalam Faisal,
    I was given this contact by Shaista Hussain who knows me since my days as Federal Relief Commissioner post 2005 earthquake and later being first Chairman NDMA. I appreciate Off Road Group’s efforts post floods and should i be of any assistance in view of my experience do let me know. I am Lahore based. Regards

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