Letter from Pk Journo in Bahrain

Pakistani begs for mercy

I write this in great distress. As the world knows, there has been a wave of protests in Bahrain that has rocked the entire country. While most of the world, including our brothers in Pakistan and media want to see it as a sequel to the incidents in Tunisia and Egypt, let me assure you that it isn’t.

I a Pakistani and a journalist based here for more many years, want to tell you that it is entirely a sectarian issue with the Shias (even not all of them) wreaking havoc on the country. For the past month ever since their protests started on February 14, they have paralysed daily life in the country bringing it to a virtual standstill. Before the operation started on March 15 late afternoon, the protesters had gone on the rampage killing and injuring whoever they could get their hands on. However, they seem to be sifting Pakistanis from the rest since our countrymen are serving the country in the security forces.
It has grown to an extent that they have killed one Pakistani and seriously injured many more. They had even captured a group of Pakistanis and took them to the largest government hospital – Salmaniya Medical Complex – where everyone from patients and doctors kicked and punched and cursed them. The doctors totally violated their oath of treating people irrespective of their race, nationality or leaning. There was lot of panic amongst the residents and citizens here. However, with the arrival of the Peninsula Shield Force (the united GCC force just like Nato, etc.) conditions have improved a lot.

Identity Card of the Pakistani Man Killed in Bahrain

And now a bit about the background of these criminal events. Contrary to what people think about the uprising in Bahrain and its legitimacy, the picture in reality is totally different.

Bahrain is a country of 1.2 million inhabitants with about 537,000 being Bahrainis and the rest consisting of an expat population from many different nationalities, race and culture. People here live in harmony with the government providing all kinds of facilities and above all a safe environment, until now.

And ever since Bahrain embarked on the democratic process in 2002, it has become all the more vibrant with developments reaching unsurpassed levels. The country has like any welfare state provided all the basic facilities to its residents and especially citizens. Job security, free healthcare, free lower education, access to funds for higher education and other foreign scholarships, funds for business, etc. You name and Bahrain govt has provided it. And this was done without discrimination between Sunnis and Shias.

But we still don’t know why the Shias are hell bent on bringing down the govt that has fed them. The Shias of Bahrain started voicing their demands right after the uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt and try to fool the world that they were oppressed. But one should see the expensive cars in which they came to Lulu Roundabout (the epicenter of anti-govt protests). Have you ever seen the rich bring about a ‘revolution’?
We had doubts that Iran was instigating the matter. But it came to the fore when its channels like Press TV and other sectarian channels like Al Alam and Al Manar openly and subjectively reported on anti-govt protests, totally ignoring the pro-govt supporters. It was clear that they had a specific agenda in mind and that was to fuel sectarian tensions so they could benefit in the long run. A similar act they accomplished in Iraq.

Of late more than five Sunni mosques have been ransacked as has been the University of Bahrain and every symbol of the govt and Sunnis. I can go on and write pages on this, but I will leave the rest to you to decide. In simple words, we don’t want another Iran, where the minorities and especially Sunnis will be leading inhuman lives.
As responsible media personnel, I request you to look at it from a neutral point of view and come to the safety of your countrymen.

Thank you and jazakAllah khair
Abdulaziz Khattak
Twitter ID: @Khattak99

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