How did BBC Asian Network allow this?

The BBC Asian network has generally been regarded as a standard in the world of radio broadcasting since its inception on 20th October 1988. Its focus being on news and programmes featuring the music, culture and diversity of England’s asian community.

Listeners to this network were thus understandably shocked when on the 1st of Feb in a radio program hosted by Mr Nihil Ashanayake whilst discussing the different religions of Hindus, Sikths and Muslims a caller Mr Guramit Singh (event organizer and spokesperson) of right winged EDL group was allowed to rant and rave against Muslims and degrade their religion in a manner which should never have been allowed on air.

This has been an instance which has come true in many areas of the world after 9/11 when presenters and hosts of a non muslim nature usually tend to increase their ratings in the lieu of Islam bashing or spreading Islamophobia in various degrees.

When it occurs on a forum as widely heard as the BBC Asian network, it just goes to back the belief many Muslims have today that they are treated as a second class of citizens on the basis of their religion in countries they emigrate to.

“If there was nothing wrong with the program then why has it been removed from the networks website”   would be one of my first questions to any justification of airing this vitriolic rant. It is still available on youtube however for all to hear for themselves just how vicious an attack was allowed on air.

A law suit has thus been rightly filed on this network by the “Peaceful Arts Association” a copy of which can be read here

I condemn this program and the views exercised in it  by the EDL spokesman in the most vociferous manner possible and appeal to the BBC to stop letting people like this on air, because they are tainting the image of the network being neutral and are dehumanizing Islam for their own twisted agendas.


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