Pk flood relief mission 2 live

When we got back from our last distribution in sukkur we  had gained not just experience & pics but a lot of on field contacts, which will be useful in the 2nd distribution mission which starts tomorrow..err make that today in 5 hours.

The plan

To take 7 trucks of food/water hampers (3500)  & 1 truck of tents (100) and get them safely to pre planned areas and distribute in smaller hiluxes and suzukis after storage in staging area warehouse. Will also drop enough hampers at our established little tent enclave.

Route : National highway

Security provided by local contact in sukkur and Pak rangers on the way, very generous of them i might add.

Team consists off : Offroaders, volunteers, Behbud Karachi, & 70 Ex servicemen group, PYR Pakistan, FLP Pakistan, CIO Pakistan & P@SHA

The trucks are on their way, we are pumped up and the spirits are high, last time we had just two cars and nothing to hope for, this time our whole team is with us. We also plan to go further than shikarpur and have liaised with  Local DCO  Office as well as Reflection’s school team and more, to get as much help to as many needy as we possibly can.

We also plan to scout out a possible location for a future medical camp, when we say future it usually means next week  so here is to the team, lets gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!

You will be able to view and track me here via live gps updates, when i switch it on that is..

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If that is not enough, you are either a blogger..or a dodgy..err no no then I recommend you hook into our live chatter box below where you can see our updates via twitter. Follow us and help us along our way, may god be with us all!!!

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  1. God Bless you and all people including our armed forces for taking care of our people with pride.

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