Flood relief mission 2

With a very heavy heart I write this blog post urging for immediate suport for the flood victims. We have been receiving word from many sources that there is dire need for food relief in the disaster stricken areas people may possibly be dying while we sit comfortably in our homes enjoying those lavish iftaris. With 20 million poeple suffering from the disaster we simply cannot wait for International donor agencies to suddenly wake up and come running, they simply are not too concerned.  The political leadership PPP despite being in power has zero presence in this region and all feudal lords are busy protecting their own lands while the rest can go to hell.
This last week a group of friends from Offroad Pakistan and MotorSports Club of Pakistan embarked upon a relief mission to Sukkur. One team setup a small tent city of about 50 odd tents provided them with food and water, while the remaining hampers were distributed in and around the disaster area.

Another team took the step to head towards Kashmore with about 1800 food hampers, went door to door and they got a first hand glimpse of what hunger and starvation has done to these dislocated people. Frantic requests have come forth to come now not later, and to come repeatedly, have emerged from all these areas, whatever we do, is at best a small drop, but we MUST help nevertheless to hopefully save our people.
OffroadPakistan was envisioning a longer planned approach with the establishment of a tent city with over 500 tents housing 5000 people with total logistical support for the next 3 months.
With the repeated pleas for help, we are compelled to NOT sit back and plan, but to deliver NOW targeting remote locations where aid has not reached, being offroading enthusiasts we need to push the envelop to go further and deeper. So hence forth we launch the effort for our second relief mission this weekend Saturday we depart and with the hope to return Monday evening if not sooner. To plan for this sudden trip we have some donations left over from last week which can be diverted to acquiring one truck of food hampers [600 from makro, we have commitment for a truck of bread [Papay]. We are issuing an urgent call for donation, the best way is to donate cash to Dr Awab personally [23-B Sindhi Muslim Society] alternatively you can arrange for goods in-kind but preferably in pre-packaged hampers [which should be ready to depart on Friday night] as usual the entire trip will be documented via Twitter, GPS and Facebook, so everyone will have live updates of where we are and what we are doing.
Step up NOW, Pakistan simply cannot wait!!

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