Practical optimism

Recently, I had been going through the  website of Youth Parliament Of Pakistan which focuses on Youth in the country and Youth’s awareness education and training in the norms of politics and democracy in the country.
Several initiatives relating to the education and training of the youth of Pakistan have been launched and are running successfully, in various sectors of society.
Something, which is mostly ignored in such programmes is creating an effective & balanced approach towards reaching one’s goals. This only comes with time and experience.
Present day “become-quick-rich” type mindset has given birth to an attitude which was never seen in the history of business before. Every new entrant is trained to “think” that they  are going to make it big, whereas only a few can reach there.
Practical Optimism:

The world has recently been hit by one of the biggest recession periods of our history, of which most of the blame was put on the lack of experience and vision of those involved in the businesses.

What is needed from the present day young professionals is more of practical optimism.Imagining and thinking big is not enough. There is always a need to be ready to plan and execute as planned. Optimism is good but not at the expense of overlooking the ground realities. Since there is hardly any time available for gaining rich experience in the field, this often results in major mishaps, blunders and setbacks…and the dream of reaching the pinnacle of excellence never turns into reality.

Moreover, there already exists such a wide communication gap between the young and old experienced generations, that their hard earned experience is just ignored when compared to innovative ideas of a fresh graduate. Therefore, the sole responsibilty of such failure falls upon these new under-exposed & inexperienced youth.

Pakistan’s Turn:

As Pakistan is now looking forward towards the next boom in business cycle, we need to implement a balanced approach towards our work attitudes and attaining targets. Students should be provided industry related training, as in real life situations. Psychological and moral training may be introduced. They should be made to avoid that easy-come-easy-go attitude and realize the importance of being focused and serious about their work. Being sincere and responsible towards what we do, is the need of the day.

  1. yaaay its like double treat for me to see one of my favorite blogger on one of my favorite blog to be featured as a guest post writer.
    what i believe according to this topic is what ever you gain in life you can not gain as much experience as much the person has who is in the field for the time you were just learning the things. utilizing the vibrant ideas of youth is good but experience is a luck charm which should not be ignored.

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