Iphone 4 signal issues?

The new Iphone 4.0 is out in the market now and even though apple has sold 1.7 million of these babies with lines at apple stores sometimes stretching around a couple of blocks, the Iphone has a serious problem. You cannot hold it…no no I have not gone nuts. The issue is with the antenna which Apple’s ingenious engineers decided to house in the metal band which surrounds the Iphone on all four sides.

It seemed like a very efficient method to save space at first but turns out that when a user holds the iphone specifically in the lower left hand corner the signal bar drops from full to one bar in just a few seconds, i.e your hand blocks the antenna from sending and receiving signals properly. How can you hold a phone if not from the bottom half is beyond me… come on!!

Apple lovers will remember Jobs asking people to stop using WIFI in the Iphone keynote when he could not get a signal himself, which he put it down to too many users on the keynote sites wifi servers.  However it seems he was facing the same issue most Iphone buyers are now. This issue has been well documented on CNN and many other tech blogs across the world. Steve job’s response to complainers? “Stop holding the Iphone wrong”

Err could someone please enlighten Mr Jobs that there is no right or wrong way to hold a cellphone, it should work any way its held!! Already other apple competitors like Nokia are taking ad jabs at this huge flaw by turning their marketing cannons towards the sleek new revolutionary phone with parodies that quip their phones can be “held”and used normally by customers.

So how exactly will apple solve this bug without a recall of its phones? Well the easiest way would be to provide a free rubber cover that could come between one”s hand and the phone thus leaving the antenna free for reception, however this is not how things should be. The Iphone 4 is an expensive device going for about USD 800 without a plan in the western world and one can easily buy a nice laptop for this amount. Thus having a phone which one cannot even use properly isn’t something that can in my opinion fly in the long run once the initial apple hype is over.

I think Apple’s made a serious mistake this time around, although the Iphone has an amazing graphics display as well as a much better camera I really do not see consumers spending so much money on this device if this issue is not resolved soon. Since it is not something one can solve with a software or os update it basically all boils down to a serious design flaw. As far as i am concerned, I would prefer to wait rather than buy a phone that cant make calls if you hold it.

What do you think?

  1. Seeing a closer look into an iPhone 4 past the advertising and assumptions, customers who bought the phone are finally recognizing that their new phone is turning out to be an awesome expensive paperweight. Failed calls occuring a lot more frequently, it is unavoidably turning out to be a design flaw coming from Apple. There was a class action lawsuit filed only 6 days after launch accusing ATT and Apple on countless accounts of actions.

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