Cyclone Phet update

Cyclone “Phet” which means diamond has been on the mind of Karachiites for the past day or so, it started as a category 3 storm and has turned into a category 4 with winds up to 130 miles per hour.  Thankfully it has in the last hour turned towards Oman as apparent from the picture above and the most that will happen now in our city is thunderstorms which will give some much needed respite from the hot muggy weather here.

Still as all of us who live here know, rain can bring a tremendous amount of problems for this city as roads get filled up shops close etc. Thus it is still advisable to have food medicine and water in the house for the next few days just in case the city has to close like it usually does when it rains hard.

Here is hoping for a good wet monsoon weekend!!


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  1. We have no evidence that it will only bring rain to Karachi! In fact they are saying it will intensify after hitting Oman and then only God can help us if it comes here.

  2. Hey,thanks guys for being “GRATEFUL” that it is heading for Oman. Amazing neighbors.

  3. Sorry zain that came out totally wrong man.

    @ Bina latest pics show storm has veered off from oman and is coming this way, it is currently a Cat 2 with winds of 60 or so knots and by the time the rain starts tom night it will be reduced to a cat 1 and will make landfall on sat night. I think we shall be ok.

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