Break the blockade, free gaza!!

They say a picture speaks more than a thousand words…well this one is speaking a million right now but the state of Israel still seems to be in some sort of a denial. What did they do now? Oh not much just attacked a convoy of boats headed to gaza with wheel chairs, food and medicine and not only boarded them with commandos but killed 9 people and took about 480 hostage just to stop them from getting the aid to the needy. The reason they give is that they were attacked first…now imagine a flotilla of ragtag boats sailing from turkey carrying aid and journos and what do they do when they come in contact with the israel navy armed to the teeth as it always is..yep they attack it…riiiiight.

Israel has not just made a mockery of all the pain its people have suffered in the holocaust, but has forgotten the fact that nothing can hold or blockade the human spirit. After all when Hitler with the entire german nation behind him could not eradicate the jews what makes them think they can do the same to Palestine?? One day gaza will be FREE and that day is not far off. Time to wake up Israel..the world can see you now, and so can your own as evident in the above picture. Oh and there is another boat coming your way with aid for Gaza…lets see what you can do now?


Pic courtesy of Dawn

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