A strange silence

In 2006 as the story goes the CJP saw it fit to take up the missing persons case in his august court. his was a brave and noble endeavor as in the last 4 years more than a 1000 people have gone missing from Pakistan, one of them was Aafia siddiqui..just one person, who’s tale came out in the limelight to much haw hai and brouhaha, even now the chants of watan ki beti etc etc ring on at opportune times.

Obviously this led to a conflict of interest with the Great leader and he summarily did what he did and we all know what happened after. A movement was created and was aided and facilitated by not just the black coats but the right wing parties of JI and PTI. For once the public wave of sympathy was totally behind them and all of us including me thought they were going to bring about  real revolution in the annals of power.

However “The Great Leader” stomped and raved on them with his iron boots and did not budge an inch till the peoples govt came into power in the last elections. Having been democratically elected it was a bit hard for “Slicktop” to ignore the march of emotion coming in his direction, not to mention the various visits by “Ganja” to his quarters late in the night and hence the CJP was restored to much fanfare, fireworks and what not.

Since then we have seen a new tussle of sorts emerge over the NRO and other such matters of which the government tries and does manage reconciliation now and then. So the confusion continues without any end in sight, not to mention the fact that the right wing parties spoken of earlier now stand completely marginalized.

However this recent news of the Supreme court deciding not to examine evidence against our agencies in the missing persons case has kind of  slipped past amongst the usual swiss cases NRO hangama. To me as a student of politics and the various forms it takes in our land this presents a unique opportunity for the right wing forces who were stopped outside the capital on the note of bald err sorry bold reconciliation.

The Supreme court order states that evidence and allegations of involvement of intelligence agencies in abducting people will be examined by an ‘appropriate forum at the relevant time.’  This calls for total mayhem by the political parties which supported the justice movement on the very basis of this case, as well as the watan ke tipu sultans who come on the air waves daily to proclaim their right and pious jihad against tyranny.

Why and when is this mayhem going to begin then? When will the righteous ones come out onto the battlefield and protest this decision. Yes, it is a unique opportunity, basically a backdoor into mainstream hearts nationwide for these individuals. Strange is it not that instead of cries of  “Go Go Go” all we hear is silence?

Silence is sometimes interpreted as assent also, it would be better if the Khans and the Ahmeds stood up for a cause which hit a nerve that galvanized our nation. “At a relevant time” is not going to hold ground for too long.

  1. I need to listen to some noise…. why are they so quiet???? This is not right! Because of the LAWYERS movement we lost so much in Pakistan, because of this CJ we lost our pride, President, BB, economy, and progress… because of this judiciary we lost it all.. and we continue to lose?? until when?

  2. “bald err sorry bold reconciliation.” :p

    Its a sad truth that anything that the media projects is silently accepted as the truth. So many non issues have become our top priority just because it was all over the news 24/7. Many real issues, such as the one you have discussed, are ignored and no one bothers to give them a second thought.

    People like you must continue to raise their voices over this silence. There must, and will, come a day when these efforts will be fruitful.

  3. there was a time when i was supporting the lawyers moment, but knew that this almost a non issue for a common man. some how when this moment ended in a so called success i thought that now the fruit of this two year struggle and patience must be sweet.
    but so far what i can see is a aware on non issues, and if some how some steps are taken by the judiciary to show off its activities; they never bring out the result that a Mango man like me start to dream about after listening to some so called good news or TAREEKHI FAISLA.

  4. It’s not just Aafia Siddiqui there are thousands of people missing since 2001 in Pakistan. Some of them were highly educated and apparently had nothing to do with extremist groups. I supported the reinstatement of CJ only because he had taken a suo moto action against the intelligence agencies for producing the missing people in the court.

    So far CJ hasn’t been able to do anything for the families of the missing people. It is a constant, continuing pain for them!

  5. This is called deafening silence. There is another case in which Gen. Durrani, the then chief of ISI, has filed an affidavit on solemn affirmation that Rs.25 lacs were given to Nawaz Sharif and Rs.50 Lacs were given to Qazi Hussain Ahmed (and some more). I think, like the Chief Justice has said and which the blogger has rightly atributed as strange silence, the case which I have quoted in here, and which is only awaiting pronouncement of judgement, will remain silent till we get “an appropriate forum”. Some cases have opted Miranda; they have a right to remain silent.

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