Rally for peace

Five score and thirty years ago a boy was born to a middle class family who had just moved from their first lodging in a new Pakistan (kharadar) to a more leafier suburb of Karachi. It had taken this family about 27 years to get into the position of owning the house they were moving to and they were super super excited. That boy was me, that family my family and their struggle the harbinger of the fruits I enjoy today.

These are my thoughts whenever the new year and my birthday swings around. I try to inspire  myself with each year (lots of room to do that in) and I am happy to report that by golly I think I have done a grand deed to start off 2010. No!! I am not talking about the moves on the dance floor as the 31st finished (although those were not less inspiring..err shocking) to the onlookers but the Peace initiative I attended in Karachi yesterday.

Amanitehhad is the moniker adopted by the people who organized this march. They are a group of student organizations  as well as civil society activists who have all joined hands to raise hope and awareness in Pakistan and to demand peace for all. This rally was carried out in many different locations across Pakistan at the same time and we all chanted with one voice “ham aman ki khatir niklen hain ao hamare sath chalo”/”we have come out for peace join us”

There were people present from every strata and area of Karachi there, I think about a 150 or so and among them were media luminaries like Ayesha Tammy Haq and FQ(although he will tel you he was not part of it) as well as writers like Mohammad Hanif. What did it feel like walking with these folks? Awesome!! Partly because it felt like you were contributing to something and secondly because HEY I GOT TO MEET MUHAMMAD HANIF!! Whose writing style is err..wow. i am still giddy from that chat..anyways.

Even though part of the peace rally was hijacked by the red flag bearers of ANP (they came and dissipated with the media) the purpose was served as I thought Aman Ittehad made a very strong show of their demand for an end to violence of all kinds in Karachi, with specific focus on the recent atrocity against our shia brethen!! And displayed to all and sundry that there are still people who care about things enough to raise their voice for good, irrespective of any banner.

Oh by the way, the recent shit storm of negativity against the shia community in MSM is just one example of why such rallies are important! We must show the world we are neither as daft as our government considers us nor as easily led as these “voices of reason” belief! We all know that the shia community has always been persecuted in this land and they are NOT CAPABLE of unleashing such carnage.

In solidarity we trust, have peace we must!!!

  1. Peace rallies are a good idea as long as they are not hijacked by some person with political interests. It doesnt help matters when the whole thing becomes politicized.If our citizens come out in droves for peace without any political agenda it carries more weight. It would be a great idea if we can shed any political affiliation or baggage we have and focus on the rights of our people. A peace rally is a good idea but it would be even better if people actually did something about it. I know for a fact that people tend to forget stuff really quick. Something needs to be done on a massive scale in order to get some attention. If we think big we can achieve bigger goals. Let’s not think inside the box for change.
    PS. I could see photos of FQ with you at the rally.

  2. We need more such rallies and i feel that the bloggers should write more about the terrible loss of the shopkeepers and businesses that were burnt down during this conspiracy against the peace of our beloved city.

  3. @ Nouman, who says we shouldn’t have such rallies, of course we need more such rallies… But the question is, how many of us actually attend these rallies?? Not even 0.00018 percent of the total population! And then these rallies are usually asked to disperse by the police.

    Another such rally was taken out by students against terrorism http://yello.pk/blog/tuba-khalid/students-unite-againt-terrorism/5825 but hardly anyone showed up..

  4. Such rallies and gatherings are reflective of the Nation’s spirit to fight the extremist forces who vow to destroy our culture and norms. The message should be heard loud and clear WE STAND UNITED!

  5. The best thing about deadpanthoughts is that even if you are re-reading a post on ‘current affairs’ it makes great sense 🙂 the young boy from the middle class family in Karachi has started the new year with yet another great blog post! Thank you FK and keep ’em coming!

    waiting for the next post on this page… 😛

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