One pad to rule them all, Ipad

As usual apple has taken the worlds breath away an hour ago by launching the IPAD.  A 9.6 inch touch led screen with a onscreen keyboard, 3g and wifi built in and a hell of a lot of apps, 140,000 from the word go designed for it. It comes in 16, 32 and 64 gb memory configurations and will be available within the next 60 days for shipping.

Just at first glance, its quite obvious that this will blow all netbooks away, same with kindles, as far as laptops are concerned? We will have to wait and see as to how seamless it really is with the touch screen keyboard on it. One thing is for certain though, its gonna tap tap tap its way into its competitors minds as the worst nightmare in existence.

This is not a phone or a ipod or a laptop…its something in between all of it..starting at USD I want one? Hell yesss…yessss

Features list is here, click play below to be blown away!

Check out the pics at the apple gallery, full review to come when I can get my hands on one of these…

  1. No multitasking :O what the hell? than this is crap waste of some useful money only for some cool touch effects. Even a Symbian touch phone is better than this.

  2. As per latest reports RS its got more problems then no camera.. it cant multi task….at all..and there are no usbs…jeez how the hell can this ever knock a laptop out..

  3. I am all in all looking to buy the iPad, and I am excited to see what sorts of games and apps will be developed for it. I just don’t discern some of the nitpicky criticisms in this website. Size of the bezel?? Pffff!

  4. I’ve enjoyed Apple for sometime, they produce products that is aesthetically gorgeous while working like a champ. Alot of companies aren’t able to say that, it’s usually one or the other. Tech businesses don’t usually take aesthetics seriously like Apple. With me stating that I’ve got to say that I’m very excited about the upcoming Tablet. One thing I question though, is it too soon? I think that this product may be ahead of its time. What do you think?

  5. The ipad is the next generation of gadgetry to replace the netbook, but lets face it, it is no kindle and thus the only reason to replace my netbook with it would be the battery life and apps.

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