Aman ki faktha roasted at Ipl

I have been living life in a vacuum for the past few days.. yes sir, my left eyes  sudden inflammation prompted my doctor to proclaim all screen related activities such as TV, PC, Iphone completely off for a period till said inflammation gets better. Thus with no input other than word of mouth or music I have been living life as it was lived back in the day. Not that i have emerged any worse for wear because of it as I have rested and am now almost ready to go digi all over again.

However the first news I have feasted my eyes upon since re emergence of sorts has been the debacle of auctioning in IPL two day ago and believe me it has my blood boiling.  The very gall of the BCCI and the cricket authorities in India who have since then been claiming that the fact of no pakistani player being picked has nothing to do with politics is mind boggling. What do they think the people of Pakistan are, mindless morons? Who will nod their heads and accept the fact that they have a  T20 player better than “Shaih Afridi” or “Umar Akmal” or “Sohail Tanveer” in those ranks the Indian clubs have picked? Do they expect us to swallow the rhetoric given by Shukla on Geo tv a day ago about clubs only wanting to pick players who can bring them success?

Bloody hell, Pakistan is the reigning T 20 world champion, so Shukla sahab before you tell us why and how your IPL teams pick players from auctions do I need to remind you of the fact that Pakistan beat teams comprising of all those players to win the final of the T20 world cup? Why cannot the Indians call a spade a spade like some writers in their journalistic community have pointed out here and here and say that this was a decision manipulated purely by the hawks in the Indian establishment and the war mongers in the Indian government.

I admit that the recent aman ki faktha/asha endevour started by the Jang group and the Times of India was a laudable measure but we should realize as a nation,  that even though there are people who want peace with their neighbors in India and they are raising their voice they are far outweighed by the hawks who cannot bear the existence of Pakistan. These hawks will do their utmost to snub, humiliate and bring down any peace initiative and what took place at the IPL auction was an extension of this.

Our parliamentarians by not going through with their peace mission to India have taken a credible stand for their teams respect. We should do the same and ban IPL completely from our cable networks, in fact I say we go a step further and ban all Indian content in Pakistan until they can prove to us that they are ready to weigh our media and our sportsmen on scales of merit rather than hypocrisy.

India can keep trumpeting to the world that they are serious about being a regional leader and have a state which operates on the principles of fairness and justice but they will never be recognized as such as long as practices like these continue in their sporting bodies. It is their right to pick whom they want but at least they should make it clear what the decision was based on rather than pussy footing around the real issue and claiming its not their fault.

The IPL without the best players of T20 “us Pakistanis” will only be a spectacle of lights as far as I am concerned. Shame on you India, some democracy you are!!! Shame on you!!

  1. Interestingly Bangladesh’s lone participant at the IPL auction Shakib Al Hasan (nr. 1 in the ICC ODI all-rounder rankings) was also left out with no one bidding for him. So it seems that the choices of players were not based on talent and performance but for political reasons.

  2. Yeah right this Jang/Geo group is so suspicious they have so deep links in Indian media and are always on front while their is any kind of collaboration between both often giving them edge.

    And I think GEO Super will still broadcast IPL matches after cable operator decision.

  3. Even s stupid can tell the decision was politically motivated. At least, this season Geo should not telecast IPL matches in Pakistan.Also, the players who have IPL contracts like should not play in the league

  4. i agree 100%. Its about time us Pakistani’s took a stand against such blatant hypocrisy.
    Shame on India and Shame on any Pakistani who is still in anyway supporting the IPL. (read Jang Group, Wasim Akram, etc)

  5. Hate Mongers exist on both sides of the border. Stupidity knows no borders. When you claim that the Aman ki Asha was roasted by Indians on IPL, one can fairly claim that it is BBQued every other day by ZaidHamids and AhmedQureshis in Pakistan. The likes of these serve the ruling elites of both the countries to promote war hysteria so they can continue be-folling the masses under the umbrella of national security.

    Its about time, we, the people of Pakistan and India realize that peace is the only way option. We have to accept and respect each other whole heartedly.

    Aman Ki Asha, though sounds good, but wait a minute; Jang Group ? The same group which chews out conspiracy theories, promotes war hysteria and mongers hate day and night giving prime time to idiots like Zaid Hamid – they are now talking about peace. What a joke. Jang Group is nothing but a capitalist venture – they are making money from wherever they can – through ZaidHamids and now through peace.

    Its only we, the people on both sides of the border who have to take the responsibility. So yes India, I don’t blame you. Indians are good. Its the capitalist venture of IPL.

  6. We as nation are prone to be melodramatic and sentimental! Whatever the decision of IPL was it remains a private enterprise and our players were not going as a Pakistani team they were going to get hefty amounts! The extreme decision of cancelling the parliamentary delegation over something so trivial reflects how extremist we tend to be

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