Muslim graveyard desecrated!

Pakistan is these days regarded as a global headache, we are an allied state but our various governmental complexities and inefficiency make us a hard pill to swallow for anyone. The worst problem is of human rights abuses in Pakistan, which our foreign friends have a hard time explaining to their voting public. However strangely many such abuses in our neighboring areas are never shown the light of a front page or news room anywhere, whereas incidents in Pakistan are trumped up, overblown and repeated like a mantra.

One such example would be this story that tehelka broke recently in India. Where an ancient Muslim grave yard in Dahod, Gujarat has been ripped apart and bulldozed to make way for a road which had been approved some 32 years ago, but someone somewhere has now deemed it imperative to revive and complete. The results are obvious, with their ancestors bones strewn around in the  open dirt, Muslims of the area feel an intense discrimination against them by the local government authorities and might react in an even more extreme manner of protest.

So how come no one in our media or abroad has commented on this story? Or is it only when Hindu and christian temples are razed or burnt that the world goes amok? By and large Muslims all over the world have gotten the feeling after 9/11 that the international media is against them. Are they wrong to assume that Muslim culture and religion has been demonized like never before? Should they not balk when state dinners are thrown for Indian heads of state by our allies, when abuses such as these continue to be carried out with not even the slightest hesitation or fear of international outcry?

Is what happened in Dahod any less then what happened in Gojra? To me it is worse as in Gojra the attackers were a mob, while here the mob is actually replaced by the Indian government who is desecrating an ancient grave site on purpose.

My salute to Tehelka for making sure that their reporting is balanced and fair rather then sensationalist and state tilted. Maybe our broadsheets can learn a thing or two from them.


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  1. I see many stories like this happening in our neighbouring country, but they are given not such big exposure in the media. Pakistan’s news come more in the limelight as it is smaller country and panic is created very quickly.. Also the air of hopelessness and despair makes it an easy job for critical mediamen.

  2. Wow, you’re right. This really did not make it to the news even in Pakistan. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Faisal again it is so sad and very very bad and this is not an ordinary incident I will compare this incident with the Babri Mosque shaheed in 1992 by indian soldiers and extremist hindus what we or Islamic world have done at that time except minor protest? we can understand the harmony of Islamic world since that time, here I will also remind you the Naveen column where you asked to me about the Tehrik Taliban Pakistan what they are doing, there I said this is not our war this is imposed, imposed, imposed n only imposed on us and thereafter do more, do more, do more and only do more nothing beyond this, you know my promise to you (because I have seen the capability of our armed forces from very near and little bit Americans forces) this war should complete when they get the disposal of our Nuclear assets, come back to ur question at this time Fifty two places in India major in gujrat and Assam they want separation to india but their media never disclose such things, you remember the how many muslims burnt their more than 100 and one more present happen I will share to everyone with video in which indian lady using rubbish language against Pakistan and christians ( what our govt. and media is doing even both of them did not do the embargo at any level, one movie they have made namely phoolan Devi in which we can see the level of justice, illetracy and many things e.t.c in that movie about indians,I am hundered times concurrent with you,our media is not playing role which is required by the Pakistan and its nation, well I am not promoting to develop a negative role against anyone but what are the facts of others they also must bring such things in front, as the media of others countries are doing.

  4. Truly disgusting and it happened in Gujarat. What’s wrong with people (Politician and authorities) in that state?

    I didn’t read about this incident anywhere either. Thanks for writing about it!

  5. While I am against the destroying of these graves (irrespective of religious sentiments) I think you are ridiculously mixing up issues here and triggering foolishly angry comments like the ones made by Umer Inam.

    The world opinion about Muslims is suspicious for the reasons of terrorism in the wake of 9/11 which is one issue, largely these are legitimate fears especially for westerners and Indians after 26/11.

    This has nothing to do with this specific issue of destryoing this grave. Did you know that dozens of Hindu temples have also been razed down in Gujrat in the name of improving infrastructure? Wonder why you missed that one! So you are over estimating the context of religion in such issues which is really a matter of corrupt governance..Please keep religious emotions aside on such issues. We have enough dirty politicians and media to play Indians against Pakistanis, Hindus against and Muslims….don’t join the bandwagon. The world can ONLY come together when we move beyond religion to love..

  6. names-have-religions! may I know what sort of foolish angry comments I have made, can you plz indicate n then rectify me ?

  7. Dear Umer,

    We are all racing against time in this world. There are 2 choices that we have whenever we express ourselves (thru thoughts, words or deeds). The rhetoric can be filled with hatred, stereotype and cynicism about everthing and keep further alienating ourselves based on the grounds of country, religion and caste OR we talk the language of love, unity and peace, irrespective of negativity around us and what others do.

    I am sorry to say your words were filled with the former and not the latter. It only takes fools to destroy this world and they will do it in no time…but it takes great love, resilience and belief to create a united world. You decide where you want to be. Sorry to be preachy.

  8. Dear names-have-religions,
    yes, we r all racing with the times, you know i only pasted onelink in this column to share with faisal n everyone n give comments about phoolan devi movie you become angry to me(n teaching) n having perception that there is a two things in the world one is optimistic n other pessimistic whatever you would like to choice you can, in the mean time i will ask to u many pakistanis are dying daily without any cause n reason who is responsible for this i am not giving advise that anything (either media or others) play a negative role against any country or syndicate i particulary mention this line if u read my comments clearly, you know brother if the happens r occuring inside Pak if same occur there in india then we also say u must be positive dont be negative, although everyone knows about indian involment how much in Pakistan since 9/11 for destabilizing, one single happen of mumbai attacks u were ready for war what abt us there is many many other incidents occuring daily, n about this column whatever he has wroted it is fact n i tried to highlight few other facts. sorry if anything taunt u (dard ka ehsaas tab hi hota hai jab apnay jisam par choot lagti hai)

  9. Dear Umer,

    I rest my case here, have expressed whatever I felt, and it was all out of sadness and nothing else. Sadness about how easy it is for we humans to hate each other and divide each other.

    I wish you good luck and a happy life.

    names-have-religions (a citizen of this universe)

  10. Faisal the underlying lesson in this article is for our media especially our tv channels which have become slaves to breaking news culture and sensationalise the smallest of matters …. tehelka knows what is news worthy and what is not., our media has tended to be our biggest enemy and therefore nayone living outside the country thinks the countrys situation is worse than kabul, baghdad etc which may be true but its not as bad as its portrayed.. sometimes our media should display teh positive side only and also be rational in what to promote and what not.,… just being the first to give negative news is no big sachievement… being responsible journalists and media mean is victory.,. sadly our media is in its nascent stage and still has a lot of learning to do.. regardless the article above was worth reading but then again in pakistan numerous graveyards have been desecrated so lets not discriminate against gujarat only.. anyways, when we are bones and ashes, i personally wouldnt care if someone destroyed my grave .. who cares after one is gone 🙂

  11. Umer Inam and names-have-religion started a different argument altogether.. but i agree with Tayyab Balagamwala.. The point of FK was not to ignite a heated argument like these two people started, but probably to pinpoint the role of our media which is just exaggerating every small news and instead of airing fair and unbiased news, they are creating more commotion and playing with emotions of the people!

  12. Umer Inam and names-have-religion started a different argument altogether.. but i agree with Tayyab Balagamwala.. The point of FK was not to ignite a heated argument like these two people started, but probably to pinpoint the role of our media which is just exaggerating every small news and instead of airing fair and unbiased news, they are creating more commotion and playing with emotions of the people!

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