The dictators wife returns!

Dictator's Wife Poster 2A play by Mohammed Hanif

Devised and performed by Nimra Bucha

Arts Council, Karachi. 10/11 December. 8pm.

Tickets available at Espresso, Liberty Books and at the venue on the night.


what people are saying…
“Bucha comes across as a crazy mix of Eva Peron and Imelda Marcos… energetic, vivid, and compelling” (The Friday Times)
“a riveting act.” (THE NEWS)
“A modern day lady Macbeth with an eclectic mix of Desperate Housewife.
An evening of pure mischief and delectable humour” (INSTEP)
“Nimra Bucha’s performance has impressive range. She is coquettish and shrewish, romantic and arrogant, bored and impatient…The punch lines are brimming with sarcasm” (DAWN)
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  2. Well I agree that ads can be annoying but then so are the bills i get from this blogs hosting site 🙂 so have to pay them by some means.

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