Laidback show, backstage drift

A month or so ago two bloggers mainly me and Awab sat down and talked of the shows we have been on, the purpose of amplification through mainstream media and then it hit us, in my case as it usually does a second later than the world.  Why do we need main stream media shows to focus on us? Why don’t we do our own show, bust the box as I put it not just think out of it but redefine the whole length breadth and width of it.

So where there was a national bubble of media exposure for us there is now a global one and this global bubble is achieved through a podcast. A podcast with no limits no boundaries no censors and just a teeny bit of decency involved to be a pioneer in this category. I say this category because there are, contrary to hyped up belief other pod casts from Pakistan out there. Jehan Ara does a magnificent one called “In the Line of the wire” but that’s mostly I/T related. Obviously it also has the backing of CIO which in its own means a professional setup, proper computers and software to edit on rather than the dingy flips and palm/cam dv tape nightmares we go through or the lack of experience we face while broadcasting.

Its been 5 episodes so far and we have pretty much suffered all there is to suffer in the podcast medium, going from weird sound to no sound to skipping sound not to mention the various titles and video grains we have burnt corneas over. Its now settled enough that we have a proper boom mic, although we still need to buy a new dv tape or two, in case you haven’t noticed the skips on the last episode. Plus we have gotten over the titles and the pranks via titling and learned to focus on content.

Speaking of which, we had a major breakthrough last week in lieu of one of the nations broadcast superstars Naveen Naqvi on LBS 5 with us. This I am dead sure has never ever happened before. A mainstream media talk show host featuring on an underground Pakistani podcast. The experience was a thrill!! To put it mildly it was a comedy show with two guys totally unnerved by her presence and fumbling around whilst one forgot to turn on the cam and the other forgot to put a new dv tape in etc etc. Even before she arrived we were kinda trying to breathe it in. If any one has ever spoken to naveen you would know what I am talking about, off air she is the most casual and easy going person but turn on the camera and the aura just increases tenfold and when you don’t have the same intensity or any intensity to speak off one feels more than a little jittery. I don’t know how dawn feels about her but I know the entire audience loves her professionalism, integrity and cutting edge involvement with the alternative media, or umm us.

Anyways we did that and managed to survive the hooting after the broadcast which I do think would have been off  a whole new level if she was not part of the show lol. Yes the fawning masses do come with a mute button. Since that event we have captured some of Karachi’s finest in different modes of dress or undress at a Halloween party and all that hilarious stuff should be part of an upcoming release or LBS 6. Yes we never ever think these things through… why should we? We have done so good so far without it eh?

So here are we, just two guys wanting the world to see a different side of Pakistan, a side perhaps in the future we can all be proud off. We are still open for donation of any pro equipment as well. So please make out the checks to my name and email me when you want to send them.

Oh did I forget to tell you that we do not take decisions on LBS on our own..oh no no no, aside from the various comments that come in and the twitterage there is also a “council” a secret blackberry messenger group with 4 secret members/hooligans on it that vets everything. It is this council that shall soon take over middle earth…err wrong story.. err anyways.

Do also remember, that the LBS show is your show, meaning all of you bloggers and tweeters from Pakistan or anywhere linked to this nation. So your support and feedback is never forgotten or taken lightly!!

To shutting my mouth and beyond!!

  1. > It is this council that shall soon take over middle earth…err wrong story.. err anyways.

    hahaahaha LOL! That was a funny one 🙂

    I still say you should have a MP3 Podcast or a downloadable Blackberry compatible video for us who dont get a chance to watch streaming…..

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