The Nonam show ver 1.0 ep 1

The Nonam show Ver 1.0 from Nonam Show on Vimeo.

Show notes are below

  1. Thank you for the mention! I’ll try and sell the idea of ‘bringing it down to blaaaagers time!’ Great job, guys!

  2. Great Idea Faisal and Awab,

    If you can do it for six weeks, I am sure one of them channels are gonna ask you to take it on air … thats how Faisal Qureshi got started and I see you guys going that way, hats off to both you and Awab … You can be next tv sensations after Nadia Khan πŸ˜›

  3. Mmm… Nope… That is not how I started, but yes, this works. I’ve tried doing this for over a year, but inertia and too many other things to do, have held me back. So, kudos for doing this, I know it’s not easy.

    As for MSM, I’m not too sure if you want to get on that bandwagon. I’m personally setting up to start internet-medial (IM?) again. It has some major limitations, but great potential.

    Lastly, if we all ganged up, we could do great stuff.

  4. Great show guys, this is one show I would like to watch online. But here is a lil piece of advice. If you are referring to a particular blogger either give a verbal intro or related info on the screen because most of the viewers who are watching are most probably unaware of the Pakistani blogging community. Two thumbs up n keep it rolling guys!!

  5. This was brilliant!!! Well done guys, and you know what, I think Faisal Qureshi as your next guest wont be such a bad idea after all! Keep ’em coming!!

  6. I think Ammar – your question is now answered – we have and will regularly update our podcast with detailed Show Notes – We have just updated the post with the shownotes with relevant links all around town – so its more informative and direct

    This is most definitely version 1 – have already thought of things that need to be improved

    – Sound quality needs a little tweaking
    – we need to limit our blabber ro 20 or at best 25 minutes – this 30 minute chat is too long,
    – we need an introductory graphic and maybe a song
    – and we need to be as casual as possible – no MSM shit AT ALL πŸ˜‰

    WE MUST HAVE FUN DOING IT or else it no use at all

    On to Version 2.0 next time around πŸ˜‰

  7. Bhailog , thanks for the mention , but I HATE BIRYANI . πŸ™‚
    Faisal , try using a Nokia E71 and I can make a believer out of you .

  8. Hey the detailed notes definitely help!!! A definite improvement to the link!! Good going. Looking forward to version 2.0 already πŸ™‚

  9. Hey Thanks for all the feedback and appreciation guys all of you rock!!

    As Herr Dacter said, plenty of room to improve and nowhere to go but up.

    Taz I don’t think MSM can afford me or my tongue!!!

    FQ i hear ya, we been thinking if we got like 5 shows a week from the blogging community string em together make our own channel, our own media house…would that not rawk?

    Farhan what did you think i had before i switched to a blackberry? u got that right.. an E71 and sorry dood but in front of a javeling, qwertz or not it sucks.

    Ammar will keep your point in mind man, but u gotta understand this was a one take deal. No edits no retakes none of that studio shit we just sat down pressed the button and went live so its gonna improve for sure.
    Although it will still remain a one take deal..

    Naveen don’t listen to Awab or BAD might turn into ADD (After dark dawn) at least I never listen to him…

    Shobz we gotta figure out how to take that call first since we have no studio equipment but hey we shall get there man.

    Sana where is that review man?

    Shaista, i am as well.. when we gonna shoot next doc…im raring to go πŸ˜›

    As of now we got the name and perhaps a title song figured out im gonna go make us a graphic..will a nude dubya work?

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