The great saudi game


I often go and read middle eastern blogs, and there are some great bloggers out there in the land of the sealed. The reason for doing so is rooted in the fact that the “royals” (what we shall refer to the Saudi high command as) have taken it upon themselves to constantly solve our problems from their coffers while seemingly blockading all their own societies problems from the rest of the world.

In other words their underlying mission statement seems to be:
We know best as we are the protectors of the two holy mosques of your religion, but we can’t tell you what goes on back home since we are as fucked up as you are from the inside.

So therefore being the curious soul I am I try to get the real picture of things in the kingdom.  Which is how I learned about the latest farce in the arab world or  the launch of the Naqa Tube, the Arabic version of youtube which is not considered halal enough for the Saudi authorities to let it run free in the country. So instead of listening to the voices from within their own society, they as usual prefer to silence them and crease them over with religious packaging. Twitter is also banned all over the good kingdom of god.

Still this is not what is really irking me today about the Saudis. What is really pissing me off is the fact that the Saudi’s have decided that since they do not have cultivable land and have to depend upon imports for their natural food supply they will now loot and plunder other countries fertile soil. Mainly us, the great brown slaves willing to sell anything under the sun or lease it at least for a few petro dollars.

In case you are still confused let me make it clearer. Saudi Arabia is in talks with Pakistan to lease an area of farmland nearly twice the size of Hong Kong in a bid to ensure food security, an official from Pakistan’s ministry of agriculture said on Tuesday.

The fact that we have people who are dying of hunger because they cannot afford food at its current exorbitant prices has off course been conveniently forgotten. So we are going to do what is best for us, give away millions of acres of sustainable farm land all over our country which could be used to cultivate crops to feed our own people.

But then who gives a damn about Pakistanis eh? Last time I checked our blood was red and a cheap brand compared to the blue of the Americans and the purple of the royals.

Long live the Kingdom!! Let us feed the Saudi’s until their greedy bellies burst!


Pic credits : Reuters

  1. the worst saudis did is through their petro-support of wahabism inside pakistan. we were a lot more tolerant society before the saudi financed fundamentalism erupted and turned us into intolerant hateful people

  2. uff uff uffffff – i dont know who is ur source faisal? but this `Naqa Tube`, twitter, flickr and many other are NOT censored.

    i follow u on twitter and if u rem i voted for you 😉 on twitter….

    ok about that pic of urs… i would realy like u remove it or change its name cuz in this picture she is NOT saudi woman, she is iranian – – check it out.

    im not great fan of saudi, pakistani or anyone … but truth should be said… with complete research…

  3. Dear Mr Entrepreneur, what does the image on the top of the post have to do with your whole post? Burying and stoning to death is the punishment of the person who is marred and has committed the adultery. I don’t see either thing in the whole post, are you trying to show the world how cruel Islam is? Image itself is edited by some B-class designer, look at the stone on the right, and even woman’s face. Since the image was totally out of context, so I had to right that much.

    Now talking about your post, People in the Pakistan supported Musharraf with their heart and souls (dead, though they are) when he allowed the Pakistani land to American Armies. And now if KSA is leasing an area of farmland, you are so much pissed. Why??

    As for talking about Saudis, a single Shaikh has so much money that they can purchase your whole Karachi in no time.

    Pakistani bloggers (most of them) has only left with one topic? Present Islam and Muslims to your readers as though its the worst thing happened to this universe? Do a little bit of research, then write.

  4. @ Faisal Alim and fundamentalist

    The picture at the top is not supposed to malign Islam. It is there to show my readers exactly who it is that we are taking advice from on running our country.

    As for you fundamentalist sahab Karachi is not supposed to be for sale and neither is any part of Pakistan, no matter how much money your dear sheikhs have. The worst thing to happen to this universe is hypocrisy which is practiced by those who show holy pictures on their state television but buy little boys and girls to have sex with and run their camel races.

    However since Alim has rightly pointed out that the pic is of an Irani woman i shall change it.

  5. @ Faisal Alim

    On the non censor part? I think you need to do a little research of your own. I present the following links of censure articles about Saudi Arabia

    On twitter censure

    On Naqatube i quote
    In its latest bid to protect religious virtue and cultural morals on the Internet, Saudi Arabia has introduced its own “clean” alternative to the leading video-sharing site You Tube. Naqa Tube, billed as “the pure You Tube”, censors all video material deemed harming towards the national authorities and Saudi citizens, including music videos and footage depicting women.

    On blog censure in the holy land

  6. Howdy, I simply needed to thank you for publishing this. You write really well and i very much get pleasure from reading your website blogposts.

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