Imran Khan’s political descent


Imran Khan has been a political mystery I have been following for some time now. When he entered into politics at the end of his cricketing/social work career many people from all walks of life looked upon him as a symbol of hope. The reason for doing so lies in the fact that as a cricketer and a philonthrophist imrans record was par excellence. He was a man who had seen the world and was still honest enough for his word to be trusted, or so it seemed.

However his Tehreek E Insaf, has from its inception taking contradictory stand after stand to no avail. Initially their decision not to contest in the last elections was baffling in itself but their recent stands, first with the Taliban of Pakistan and then against whomever they could find in their heads that particular day are mind boggling to say the least.

To date Imran Khan and his party have, sided with Musharraf when he came into power then asked for his ouster and now rant against the NRO. Pleaded and fought on the street for the restoration of the judiciary but backed off in the end and claimed the movement was sold out. Sought evidence and vilified the MQM for its one man rule and every crime under the book but now call the 92 operation against it a cruelty.

I say Imran Khan and Tehreek E Insaf because the two cannot be seperated, even though there have been reports of clamor within the party ranks for a long promised internal election in may of 2009 according to reports. There is no election within PTI forthcoming as Imran says the party does not have enough political acumen himself. He also cites the same cause for them not contesting in the elections. In his words they are not ready.

So what exactly is Mr Khans agenda? Is he victim of the same “brown sahabiness” he has often quoted in his addresses on media by refusing to relinquish command. Or is he caught in the muck of politics without a port in sight, because his statements are getting more and more confusing by the day.

Some of you, dear readers might be by now thinking I have gone on some kind of crusade against Mr Khan. This I assure you is not the case at all, I am just thinking aloud as to what he means when he says the things he does. For by entering the life of  public service he is open to fair criticism right? Ok,  forget all the past examples of madness for a minute. PTI has a couple of days ago also threatened to act as the real opposition if the friendly opposition tactics of PML (N) with PPP continue. Someone please tell me how does the PTI plan to do this as they do not have a single seat in any house or august assembly in this land?

To me there is no use of sitting on media talk shows and ranting about this and that when you do not have the political nerve to enter the fray. What point is there of a party who has no office bearer in power in this land? I today ask the intellectuals who joined this party on the grand aim of bringing reform to Pakistan, what kind of reform can you bring in a system you are not even part off?

I think this is the beginning of the end of the PTI in Pakistani politics, not that they had much of a beginning anyway, unless the people within the party bring change in how it does its politics.

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  1. I have never trusted IK nor will I ever trust him in the future. A person who keeps changing his stance is a person who can’t be trusted. If he were really interested in making a change he would have worked day and night to make a difference. It’s a pity he just waffles and does not do anything substantial. I guess the only good thing he has done for Pakistan is to guide Pakistan to a win during the 1992 World Cup and establish a Cancer Hospital.

  2. I think what we are witnessing here is a party and/or politician with an understanding of nuance. I belong to a similar school of thought where judgement is not made of steel and every issue demands separate logical thinking. For example, I may not approve of some of MQM’s tactics as reported, but it does not mean I also approve of subjudigation of it’s members on unverified charges. It is great to see some one in Pakistani politics who can be an opponent but still see the minor differences and understand that ’92 crimes against MQM are not to be used for personal political gain.

    Every one has vilified Imran for not joining and established party in order for him and his crowd to be able to stand on their own feet. Instead, I find it refreshing that he has chosen the long road of creating awareness for the issues he holds dear. Only very few of world politicians, let alone Pakistani, to ask public forgiveness for his mistake.

    Finally, a politician I can relate to as human.

  3. we see his desperation for a political comeback by using self portrayal at the cost of Shaukat Khanum hospital… What a shame..

  4. To give Imran Khan credit, he gave this country its first cancer hospital and its first cricket world cup. Perhaps the wrestling ring called politics is not meant for him and he should retire and continue serving this country like good old Edhi sahab.

  5. Id still have him then the rest of the bunch,no one is perfect but at least he wont leave the country end of his term and open a sugar mill in SA.

  6. @ shobz and pakpoint

    Thanks for the appreciation

    @ Adnan Ali Your thought process is correct as based on you but Khan sahab has been the chief finger pointer at MQM, for him to suddenly turn his opinion 180 degrees shows what? As far as you and i are concerned judgment should remain flexible but then we do not sit on talk shows and shout thief thief also right? To me he seems to be very hungry for attention, that is all. What of the Taliban? Do you regard it as a human trait to defend the killers of our populace?

    @ Sara I agree

    @ Shaista, I am sorry but i do not agree, Imran Khan did not give Pakistan the world cup, the Pakistan cricket team did, he claimed it magnanimously on the podium though. The cancer hospital though is a huge achievement no one can deny and i do respect him a great deal for that. I think you should write him a letter and suggest he retire to do social work for sure, he would be awesome in that area.

    @ Alta In reference to money, i can cite some settlements he has made a bundle on but then that would go into his personal life which i think would not be fair. Yes he is not a fuedal, but he is no better to me.

  7. There is a saying “some books are to be forgotten”,so are blogs these days.The writer doesn’t know the difference between right and wrong.And he desperately was trying Imran to become what he wants to be.
    If someone is involved in any crime he should be punished by law.So military operation is not solution because it led to extra-judicail killing along with many more problems.Imran doesn’t like sort of politics MQM practices but that doesn’t mean he should support military operation aganist it.The confused writer is unable to undertand that.
    Imran doesn’t like the politics of PPP,PML and ANP but that doesn’t mean he should ask for military operation aganist these parties.
    Imran doesn’t like liberal facsism, does that mean he should ask for military operation against them?

    I just pray to God to show the writer right path and enable him to understand the difference between right and wrong.

  8. @ Tahir pray for my sanity as well man, cuz i think i am going to lose it if i see your leader commit another farce lol

    My question to you is sir, what does Imran Khan like?

  9. Your question is very simple so is my answer.
    Should Imran like terrorism?.He rather should like peace.
    Should Imran like ethno nationalism?.He rather should like pakistaniat.
    Should Imran like fascism from any portion of society?No he should not.

  10. @Faisal.K

    Imran Khan criticizes MQM for the fact they have been found involved in using weapon in politics.This is what he has maintaining since the inception of his political career.Had Imran Khan now said that MQM is a good party and has been nice,patriotic and constructive politically,then Imran Khan would have taken 180 degee shift in his stance.
    Now,Imran Khan did not give statement about MQM,he rather talked about 1992 military operation.His stance about MQM remains same.Imran, when took stance against Swat operation,said that military operation is not solution to any problem as it has always soared the issue.He sticks to the same priciple and says 1992 military did not end political terrorism of MQM so it was fruitless.1992 military operation rather created ethno nationalism amon urdu speakings.

  11. @SARA
    What comeback?
    He did not leave political field,so what kind of comeback are you talking about?

  12. Assalamualaikum!
    @Faisal.K and author
    As the writer himself agreed that he is serving Pakistan very well and we have now examples like Hospital, World Cup and now the big project University. I would say, he will serve more than any leader currently in Pakistan and will show more better results.
    Now i would like to reply the question raised by the author that “how does the PTI plan to do this as they do not have a single seat in any house or august assembly in this land?”
    Well, firstly i answer in a question that have you find such a friendly opposition in Pakistan ever before? Answer is “NO”. That is why i shall say that there is no doubt that opposition party is not doing its job that what should the party. 2ndly, PTI is a political party. i knew that this party has not a single seat as they boycotted the election under Musharraf election commission but i believe any political party can act as opposition party. There may be many political parties in opposition and there is no need to have a seat in any house.3rdly, the reason for such statement was to remember the “friendly opposition” for his duties and responsibilities.

    Now i read that the author said imran khan as political mystery that made me laugh on him. i think the author dont have much knowledge about imran khan and also on Pakistan politics. Imran khan had answered so many times on each step taken by his party on TV channels that the author doesnt know. And that is why i would like to tell him again on each issue.
    1stly, author said about the boycott of election. i would say that the decision was 100% right and made the party more popular among people in Pakistan. Nawaz Sharif party and PPP also boycotted the election but they change their decision under “US PRESSURE”. This shows you how independent these parties are! that can not even stand on their decisions and also shows you the influence and interest of US in Pakistan.Only PTI and Jamat e Islami not only protest and boycott but also stand on their decisions. i shall say with no doubt that Imran Khan or PTI never get US pressure and become the voice of people of Pakistan.
    2ndly, author said about Imran Khan as Pro Taliban. i deeply condemn it and shall say that he never be a Pro Taliban. He always differentiate Swat issue with Waziristan issue. He said that there are some groups of Taliban that agreed with the conditions of Government of Pakistan(you can confirm it from Govt. Rep.) and we can win this war by not having a war but also negotiating with them. as some groups were agreed, we can easily force others Taliban groups to stop the terrorism activities in Pakistan. Moreover, we can also use target killing strategy in order to force them. It was far better way than eliminating people from swat and having operation over there that resulted in great loss and made Pakistan 20 years back.
    3rdly, yes! he sided with Musharraf when he came into power. i agree and he also admit this as his mistake. However, the reason was that Nawas Sharif government was not doing what the people of pakistan was expecting from them and when Musharraf came, Imran khan thought that he might do something better for country.That is why imran was with him. But later, Musharraf policies were also not really good that realized Imran khan and he started opposing him as well.

    Well there might be many people who dont agree with him like MQM people. But i am here to reply you and clarify you.

  13. @ Usman

    Quite a lengthy diatribe you have penned down, but you gave the answer in the following lines and i quote “each step taken by his party on TV channels”

    exactly what i said, PTI is a political party existent in la la or tv land only, in the streets or the assemblies or the halls of power in Pakistan it has 0 representation

    By the way I Faisal.K am the author of this post.

    @ Tazeen lol, that’s all u gotta say?

  14. i tried to answer each question you raised in your article and that made it bit lengthy.
    Thats good to know that you are the author… but i am surprised to know that you wrote on a party without having any knowledge about that?
    Well….i am 100% sure that Pakistan Tehreek e insaaf is the political party that is THE MOST famous party in rest of the world. Moreover, i also believe that PTI is famous among the youth in Pakistan. However, i found you and MQM people as a counter example. People in Karachi, they are forced to vote for MQM otherwise, they risk their lives.
    You know that why they dont have any representation in assemblies because they boycott the elections in the same way as Jamat e Islami has boycott the election. I believe that these are the only two parties that can stand on what they say.
    I don’t want to say that the article you wrote showed that you have less or false knowledge. However, it might be correct that you find PTI as less popular political party where you live.
    Currently, there is only one leader(imran khan) that is speaking the voice of people of Pakistan and by the way, Media in Pakistan has grown up as a mature independent organisation and coming on TV , giving people awareness about current political situation, it gives very positive result and effects greatly. Because, media channels are now being watched in every part of Pakistan where TV is.
    I would like to give you a suggestion to please avoid talking without any ground reality as it effects you as a journalist.
    By the way, Faisal! are you from Karachi (city of lights)?

  15. @ Usman No one forces me to vote or do anything, i vote for whom does the most work in my area.

    “Well….i am 100% sure that Pakistan Tehreek e insaaf is the political party that is THE MOST famous party in rest of the world.”

    F.K :I think you need to stop inhaling…

    “Media in Pakistan has grown up as a mature independent organisation and coming on TV , giving people awareness about current political situation, it gives very positive result and effects greatly. Because, media channels are now being watched in every part of Pakistan where TV is”

    F.K :Exactly what are you smoking?

    “I would like to give you a suggestion to please avoid talking without any ground reality as it effects you as a journalist”

    F.K :I would suggest that you take a hike.

  16. You replied…..but you did not give the answers to my questions and want to stop the conversation.
    i shall now start having a look in your articles and would like to know what exactly your mission is? coz you are not speaking the truth and misguiding people.

  17. Well…Faisal
    Its really unfair that you have deleted my reply from this.
    you should have courage to be criticized as well.

  18. Its me Usman. i was unable to post here…i dont know what you have done. but still i shall… no matter how many you delete my posts.

  19. @ usman and Ali i didn’t delete any replies, you make too many comments too fast and akismet takes it as spam that’s all.

    Oh and btw this is my blog, my personal space so i decide what goes on here, whether u like it or not.

  20. Hi Faisal.. Replying to your post with some recent data.
    “I think this is the beginning of the end of the PTI in Pakistani politics, not that they had much of a beginning anyway, unless the people within the party bring change in how it does its politics.”… Answer to your last paragraph is in the recent IRI survey, PTI has started gaining in Pakistan politics.

    Regarding Taliban, I did question his stance on Taliban, “Dialog not War”. But with recent spike of attacks AFTER the SWAT clean up is making me rethink. The organization, the skills, the commitment shown in these terror attacks is unprecedented!!! What to do now, Waziristan, what are we going to do about the Punjabi Taliban now?? Are we safer after the death of Baitullah Masood? Should we kill Hakeemullah now, and who after that? Remember we started with Naik Mohammand, Abdullah, Baitullah, Hakeemullah… Are we really on the right track?

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