The spirit of Pakistan

Where ever Pakistan is concerned these days, a media storm is not far off. We make the news consistently for all the wrong reasons but lately a bunch of positives has come to the fro which I thought I should share with my readers.

First off I would like to show you what a leader is, a true patriot who even when surrounded by Indian literati and  who’s who of their community takes a barrage of hostile questioning and refuses to back down, on anything concerning Pakistan. He may have made blunders in his end days that will haunt him for ever but to me he is still a hope for salvation. Surprisingly the Indian’s agree.  The length of his interlude in Delhi recently, is so long that the videos are divided into 13 parts. So watch at leisure!!

Gen (rtd) Musharraf\’s interview with the Indian Conclave Part 1

General (rtd) Musharraf\’s interview part 2

General (rtd) Musharraf\’s interview part 3

General (rtd) Musharraf\’s interview part 4

General (rtd) Musharraf\’s interview part 5

General (rtd) Musharraf\’s interview part 6

General (rtd) Musharraf\’s interview part 7

General (rtd) Musharraf\’s interview part 8

General (rtd) Musharraf\’s interview part 9

General (rtd) Musharraf\’s interview part 10

General (rtd) Musharraf\’s interview part 11

General (rtd) Musharraf\’s interview part 12

General (rtd) Musharraf\’s interview part 13

Secondly there is the book written by Jaswant singh in praise of Jinnah for which he has been unceremoniously kicked out of the BJP. After watching these interviews and the decision of the BJP what is a Pakistani supposed to think? I have some Indian friends and several on here who read this blog from India. They have always maintained that the public of India is adamant for peace with us and it shines through when you watch these videos. In fact it seems to me that no one wants war except for certain political/militant groups in India and Pakistan who have based their political identity on warmongering with each other.

I was speaking to my father yesterday, a man who saw partition and its horrors as he migrated here from India. He claims the same as Mr Singh, that Jinnah was a reluctant participant in the partition due to Nehrus attitude forcing his hand, he would rather have had a unified India. If this is indeed the case then should we even consider each other as enemies or a nation separated by circumstances and destiny. Is this not history giving us proof that inside we are one?

As far as Indian politicians are concerned, they can make plans for our downfall as much as they want or restrict anyone or anything positive about our country. The tide of change is gathering, they should realize the following.

Pakistan is not going away as a nation, we will not dissipate under any onslaught be it from Baluchistan or Taliban. Speaking of which a blogger friend has highlighted how the new U.S immigration form lists Baluchistan as a separate country. Shocking how the world perceives us sometimes, shocking and sad as everyone thinks we will be dismembered.  However I believe that until we give up nothing can ever take Pakistan away from us, and this nation does not give up. So try what you will bapus of Hindustan we are here to stay!!


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