Lawyers gone wild

As of a few minutes ago, lawyers of the Lahore high court just manhandled and threw out journalists from the premises of the court. This was at the hearing of a case against  the lawyers for previous torture on journalists & the police. In this incident tv vans as well as cameras have been damaged.

As it stands right now, the swords are bared between the Pco 1 judges the Pco 2 judges and the non pco judges. All the lawyers seem busy in hectic political canvassing amongst themselves to gain power. Thus this so called land mark decision against the Nov 3 emergency, instead of empowering the judiciary seems to have split it into three groups. All of them having different political backers as well.

It seems that the lawyers movement has now commited suicide by falling on its own saber. Where lawyers who are supposed to guarantee the law effectively beat up police and press. Where they now seem to think of themselves as some form of terminators roaming the street dispensing vigilante justice according to their own blinkered vision, there can be no hope for this institution.

When are the poor citizens of Pakistan going to get justice, what of the thousands of cases pending in the courts, Why are our lawyers suddenly acting as if on crack? Why does people power eventually lead to thuggery?

These questions and a lot more resound in our minds today. All I can say is that with both branches of the government in disarray,  we will soon be looking towards the barracks once again. I can hear the boots in the distance.


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