Karachi Tweetup 09

6375_242358975625_763735625_8149963_963403_nA Few weeks ago on a sleepy Sunday here in Karachi, we had a tweet up.  It was seemingly organized at the drop of a hat by CIO and sponsored by Google, Dawn and Red bull with P@sha & Acer as supports.  For the non geeks a tweet up means a meet up organized via twitter, except in our case(blaggers of Karachi) a tweet up turned into a full blown media covered live cast event.

All the bloggers of Karachi showed up at a days notice, proving once again that the bloggers community here, may be the most unified and perhaps farigh lot of people ever.

The event was discussion style, and as Badar and Rabia the two hosts prodded and poked the audience into speaking, more and more voices came out to talk about twitter, micro blogging, its good and bad points, how it affects privacy coupled with a few sillies like stalking and terrorists using twitter thrown in. Seriously guys, terrorists? Tis a public forum ya know?


The discussion raged on and red bull kept everyone’s tongues in free flow mode as we got closer and closer to the topics that trouble us all, that of advocacy and cyber crime acts and how we can all be put away one fine day. Anyways it was really great to know that the same bunch will be presenting some of us with blogger awards in Aug-Sept somewhere as well.

All in all a great event hosted by a very dynamic bunch of people and very well covered by Dawn and Aagtv both. As for those who wonder why we have so many blogger events in Karachi, psst Karachi blaggers kick ass yo!! I personally thought it was a great way to meet the community for new and old bloggers/tweeters and to get that warm fuzzy feeling of belonging we geeks seem to lack in our everyday lives.

Watch out for the tv spots I did, laughable!!

If anyone missed this event, here’s a little video sampler by CIO PAKISTAN!

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Haris Nadeem

  1. Wow! I am most impressed about how organized the Karachi Blogger’s community is! and its interesting to see how this blogsphere is spreading out like a mothership, sending out its spores to infect the wider world!! …you just wait for the signal! beam ’em up!!!

    Good job on this post Faisal.

  2. Hey Faisal……
    Was great meeting you (and the others) that day!

    Look forward to a day where you win a blogger award…

    Take care

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