Is this time for real?

Its been a few days since the news of Baitullah Mehsud finally going out in a drone attack surfaced. The initial problems of confirmation were obviously there as this has been heard of before, but when the U.S authorities showed drone footage to our authorities the final word was set in stone.

It somehow feels wrong to celebrate someone’s death. Still the death of a madman who had nurtured and trained wings of fidayeen squads to suicide bomb our country to almost the brink, is nothing to weep about either. However the fan fare that is being presented on our main stream media as if we have gotten rid of the entire Tehreek E Taliban as well as the stoic silence of our religious leaders is baffling to me.

I do understand why they could not condemn him in life but now that he is no more are we still going to respect a madman? Are we going to still go around shaking our heads and justifying his actions in some ludicerous way to our selves? As for our media? They all seem to be in the “breaking news” mode 24/7 calling Baitullah mehsud our Osama and all that. Please read the following carefully “There are many more from where Baitullah came from and only one Osama bin ladin” cue dr evil music…

The fact of the matter is that “Amir sahab” which he was referred to by his men was a bit of a mystery to the world. At times he behaved like a pantomime villain with his reluctance to show his face and at others he seemed capable of intelligent thought (as when he invited journos to meet him last may)  What’s even more mysterious is that intelligence on him had been provided thrice before to the U.S authorities but each time they failed, once a missile was even launched but it turned out to be a dud. So why now? Has something changed in the halls of power? Please note that the drones are the weapons of spooks not the U.S army and it does seem like the obama administration has brought fresh approaches to the cloak and dagger kilt. Were they keeping him propped up in the past? These are questions to which there are no answers.

They say footage from the attack clearly showed him on the roof with his wife and half his body was blown away by the missile hit. Baitullah Mehsud who roamed around with a chador over his face, the leader of the TTP, the most feared man in Pakistan was standing in the open on a rooftop? What was he doing, flying a kite? If the authorities can release this footage it would be great, but wait must be classified! Like his burial which quickly happened without anyone attending!

There has also been talk of the shurah of the Taliban meeting to select a new leader since yesterday. Well where are they? The drones can find Baitullah, but not a shurah of Taliban deciding who the next boss is? We need to find out which area they are in surround it and kill em all right? Or does our constitution give them cover to elect their representative also? Even if it does not we have NRO specialists up our keester so no prob Talibunnies.

News is also filtering in that Qari hussain, the leader of the fidayeen squad and rumored to have mystical training powers is also dead. I hope this is the truth as well because this will really make a difference. this is a man who has really made us as a nation and our forces suffer.

We have built these men up as some sort of super villains a methodology we seem to have inherited from our Masters of the fair skin. Due to this these people are able to hype the myth and influence people to follow them, to give them arms and to feed them for their lunatic cause.

I for one still think this is one more shadowy chapter in a war which we only hear off  & never witness and that scares me more than Mehsud alive or dead. The thought of what is really happening in our northern areas.

Breaking News: The war is still on, we have not won yet, we will win when no one is ready to lead the TTP. Not when three fresh monsters are lobbying for Mehsuds seat of power.

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