Breakfast at Dawn, Go green episode

Before my 15 minutes of fame are up, I must tell you where I was in the morning of the 14th of august. Sleeping on breakfast at dawn live with Naveen Naqvi as I tried to catch up to what she and the other guest sanasaleem were talking about. Women really have too much energy in the morning!!! You can view the show or the lack of my performance below.

Please note, Naveen is the only show host to fully incorporate twitter and the techie arts into her show. The rest of the media world is still playing catch up.

For the record I was extremely honored to be on this show, I even got to meet “the flying horse” Samiullah, someone who’s magician like dribbling skills on the hockey field were part of my childhood. Going on live after him was pretty un nerving in itself but once I got the hang of it I think I was able to convey some thoughts.

Feedback on this post is a must, laughing is optional and will not be appreciated!!! Gawd I need to get on that treadmill!!! Enjoy

  1. Nice effort! You did really well and served the
    purpose of the show..Karachi showed the real spirit of Go Green at BAD on 14th August morning!

  2. @ sana says the sparkplug to the rotund cookie monster nodding next to her hehehe

    @ rumaisa thanks but you kicked ass on twitter too!!!

  3. Good job, very refreshing to see you Faisal even more refreshing to hear what our future generations, me included, want to see a thriving, well respected Pakistan on the world stage! Well Done. Love your blog.

  4. Fishing for compliments, are we? You know you were both very good. It was a pleasure having you both on the program. You guys made my special really special. 🙂

  5. // You can view the show or the lack of my performance below //
    LOL… Not bad man, one of these days, I will quit print, join visual medium and do a tele-con for some show 😉
    The #Pakistan campaign on twitter was quite cool, but we #Indian s too had to jump in to the fray.. we always have to do what the other is doing no? You go nuclear we go nuclear! Anyway both of us succeeded in spamming twitter 😛

  6. @ asif and balu thanks 😀

    @ Arsento no i am not a journalist thank god i do not have a tilt.

    @ Naveen thank you it was an honor to be on your show.

  7. Lol! Hey I did watch the youtube link and you were great!!! Ofcourse I agree with the women-and-too-much energy bit, I am hyper energetic myself but hey, you were great too! Subtle and cool and not at all media-shy!

    And yes, I totally agree, Naveen does a great job ‘mainstreaming’ the social networks and other techie bits in her shows!

    oh, and belated Happy Birthday to your better half 🙂

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