Blogbuster show featuring me

I was recently invited to blog buster, a show about blogging on Aagtv. Its basically a show which encourages and promotes blogging and the issues we talk about on our blogs. I have not received an official video yet and will put the entire episode up when I get it. However many people wanted to see it so I recorded it from my telly via cell phone cam on a repeat telecast and am putting the clips up here. The voice quality might be a little sketchy so turn it up :p  Enjoy!!!

Will I be doing any shows in the future? I don’t have a clue, but as far as the Tv debut goes, I was nervous before the show not during the live telecast after i had figured out the camera cues and stuff. Not to say that the realization of how hard it is to do this everyday dawned on me quickly Overall it was a great feeling, my thanks to the show host Alishba and to the management for having me on.


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