92 operation against MQM, truth revealed

In 1992 the Army and rangers of Pakistan began a massive operation against the  MQM in Karachi. Those of us who were old enough at that time all know what took place next. Everyday on TV there were pictures of a supposed map of “jinnahpur” an alleged plan of MQM to separate Karachi from the rest of Pakistan. This map, claimed the forces conducting the operation had been found from various sector offices of MQM. In addition to this there was wide spread fanfare about 100’s of torture cells of this party found and destroyed in Karachi. Since the last 17 years MQM has been branded as a thug party, a party of traitors and those who want to use violence to break this nation apart due to the information presented in this “92 operation”. This operation and the information I have described above was also used to “justify” the hunting and slaughter of more than 15,000 MQM activists across Pakistan. Those who could get away did by any means necessary because the entire security apparatus of this nation was being used to hunt them down and exterminate them.

A few days ago, many of us watching ARY TV were shocked to hear the words of a Brig imtiaz (former chief of IB & Incharge Int Wing of ISI during 1992 Karachi Ops) that this “92 operation” was carried out on false and entirely made up information presented to the rest of us as facts. I repeat there was “no jinnahpur map” & “no torture cells” and according to him the operation was carried out to get rid of a criminal element. Geo news anchor and respected journalist Kamran Khan had the following to say on this.

I find it no laughing matter that Brig Imtiaz chooses to divulge “the truth” on this matter now when everyone in the MQM has been screaming their heads off on this for the last 17 years. The government in power at that time is now claiming they had no knowledge of this operation…Really? 15000 men women and children slaughtered, the entire city of Karachi under siege by the forces, door to door murder and no one had knowledge this was going on?

Since the CJP has taken it upon himself to right the wrongs of the past, will he under the light of this current revelation conduct an enquiry into why this operation was actually carried out and how many people died as a result of it? Will he put on trial the men responsible for so many deaths, tragedy and the vilification of an entire political party?

Dr Farooq Sattar had the following comments on this revelation.

Sadly enough, those who have been on the forefront of maligning the image of MQM for the last few years are now quiet. When will they now explain why is it that they indulged in false accusations? When will we hear Imran Khan speak on this matter?

I urge the people of Pakistan to open their ears up and hear the truth. We have been misled, duped and fooled into believing what the powers to be want us to believe! When are we going to see things as they really are? When are we going to be able to discern fact from fiction?

As for the residents of this city, most of us are now fully aware of the truth, those who are not will see it in the days to come. The truth is supreme and will always surpass lies, even if they are 17 years long.


Footage and breaking news credit to ARY and Geo, video by youtube

  1. am just speechless..state murder of more than 15000 patriotic Pakistanis…and the then PM says he had no knowledge of what was going on…is it a joke???all the Media propaganda and Media trial of the innocents..where are all those who claim to be the defenders of the truth and justice…I want an answer as a citizen of this country…who is answerable for the murders of so many of my tribesman???one whole generation destroyed and so many sufferings…who will console the mothers who lost their sons,wives who lost their husbands..sisters who lost their brothers…who will tell them that the bases for the 92 genocide against their loved ones was all a drama,a fraud…WHO IS answerable….where the is honorable CJP…why isn’t he taking a sou motto action against the culprits of this genocide…the Pakistani Hitlers..!!!I want an annswerrr…

  2. I hope the world will see the truth, and help this party grow and control the future of Pakistan.

  3. Truth exposed as falsehood is bound to perish, InshaAllah this party will form next ruling Federal and Provincial Governments of Pakistan

  4. yea it was a propaganda to stop MQM activities in other provinces as MQM is always against the corrupt political system of Pakistan..congratulations to MQM.

  5. Today politics has become the game of making the right ,wrong and vice versa. Thats what we ve been seeing in Karachi for last 2 decades. Still the ppl of Karachi never lose trust and MQM (one likes it or not)always wins from here. Who else has done some research on the mindset and problems of Karachi, except blaming this party as traitors.. When will we learn to accept things as they truly are and take some steps forward with a positive attitude : That All Elected Parties Are Sincere To Pakistan.. They Dont Want To Divide Pakistan!! May be that will set things right.

  6. There was no Nawaz Sharif when Nasirullah Babar was murdering Urdu speaking people. Ironically MQM is sitting on lap of Zardari and sucking his thumb and enjoying the power. If Altaf is so upset then he should quit the government. But Altaf will never do.A party which was formed by n ex IJT member(that is Altaf Hussain) and promoted by dictators(Zia and Musahrraf) can’t be trusted for the betterment of Pakistan. Yeah the MQM supporters are free to burry their heads in sand and continue to believe that things are lovely in their surrounding. Nobody is going to care about it at all

    Jinnah Pur or not.. the torture cells of Abbasi Shaheed Hospital and killing of their own guys in mid 90s can’t be forgot

  7. It was purely a Genocide of Urdu speaking People who actually made this country.

    Today i was shocked when i read this in daily times.Who will answer about these crimes?

    ‘Bodies of those killed in Karachi operation ‘dumped’ in capital’

    * PML-Q president says army told cabinet operation would be against robbers

    Daily Times Monitor

    LAHORE: Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid President Shujaat Hussain, referring to the military operation in Karachi in the 1990s, has said that 50 to 60 bodies of people from Karachi have been buried in the hills of Islamabad.

    Talking to a private TV channel on Tuesday, Shujaat said he had opposed the formation of anti-terrorism courts as interior minister in the Nawaz Sharif-led government.

    Former Ehtesab Bureau chairman Saifur Rehman, however, supported the controversial actions, he said, adding that Rehman was more powerful than him at the time. The PML-Q president said the army had informed the cabinet that the operation would be against robbers and kidnappers. He further said that Syed Ghous Ali Shah, defence affairs minister at the time, was also named among the wanted men


  8. @Adnan siddiqui sahab respectfully, i think you should look at the facts before launching your tirade.

    1) the operation being discussed is in 92 when IJI was in power and its leader and PM was Nawaz sharif who’s party is currently in the process of distancign themselves from this genocide by saying “sanu nahi pata tha ji”

    2) As for the MQM being in the lap of zardari or whatever, parties do not get political power by sucking anything in Pakistan. Mqm came into power in the last elections because it was “voted by the people” into power. The people of Karachi will continue to vote for MQM in spite of anything you say, you know why? Because they do work for their areas!

    3) As far as your allegations of torture cells, you should hear what corps commander Khi and Brig Imtiaz have said, again, carefully. Abbasi shaheed hospital is a govt controlled facility not a torture chamber.

    @ Rumaisa you can see the truth because u are not wearing the sun shades of discrimination, that is what people need to remove.

    @ jman We the people have to hold them accountable.

  9. This is a very correct, fact-full article u wrote Faisal bhai!!
    MQM is the only party who want to work for the prosperity of Pakistan, MQM is against Feudalism!! See Mustafa Kamal as an example!!
    We Karachites will also vote for MQM!!!!

  10. @Faisal: first of all, your following statement made me laugh:

    it was “voted by the people”

    You know yourself you are kidding. So just don’t amuse yourself.

    As far as Operation is conerned, Offcourse MQM will not talk about 94/95 operation initiated by PPP when Nasirullah Babar was murdering people like butcher. Those people were “advertised” as “Mohajir” but later it was found out that most of them were “Commando”,”Kaana”,”Langra” etc, the code names of MQM;s millitant.

    Do I need to remind that Karachi was suffering more in Benazir era than Nawaz Sharif. Ask those who spent time in that era and they would tell yo how life was hell due to tussle between MQM and Naseerullah Babar.

    I don;t need to believe in any Brig’s words while i myself have seen many things at that time. What Brig said today,he will change later. I am less interested in Jinnah Pur stuff but there are several instance of videos on Youtube in which Altaf called creation of Pakistan a blunder and asked India to give shelter. Usually we,”intellect” condemn Mullah that they were “against” Pakistan but ignorantly we, the so called intellectuals don;t have dare to say a word against non-religious Mullah like Altaf Hussain who was regretting on creation of Pakistan.

    Abbasi shaheed hospital is a govt controlled facility not a torture chamber.

    If you prefer to burry your head in sand then its not my fault. Altaf’s melo drama of illness was performed at Abbasi Shaheed Hospital where he stayed most of the time before running away from Pakistan. Kindly don;t mislead yourself and others that MQM was NOT involved in “target killing” Are you saying MQM did not kill Haqiqi guys? are you saying tht guys like Azeem Tariq,Khaled Bin Waleed and other prominent figures were not killed by MQM? are you saying that MQM did not messed up all Karachi walls by writing “Sirf Altaf” or “Only Altaf” when they smell the “saazish” of Musharraf(read Military) that Mush is willing bring up Aamir Liaquaat against Altaf? The list goes on and on my friend. Being an ex Nazimabadi I have seen many things myself. Please don;t fool yourself and others by giving an “outsider;s perspective” of the things which you might not fully aware. If you just want to embrace Altaf then do it anyway. Don’t seek fake excuses to support him.

  11. Faisal, I have few reservations over the whole MQM fiasco.
    The party came into existence at the hands of a dictator. How would you justify the very act? What’s more, with the inception of this party, Karachi’s peace becomes a thing of past. Which it continues to be, to this day.
    I agree MQM has improved it’s outlook over the years and I really appreciate the many present-day reforms it had done to re-do the city of Quaid – however, if we want to discuss the past, let’s just discuss it in it’s entirety. MQM was also in power back in years while Mr. Sharif was not – give me few valid online links or proofs from history which shall reveal to me how actively MQM pursued the case of it’s 15000 deads when it had the oppurtunity. Mr. Ghauri may very enthusiastically claim they did so when they were in power in Mr. Musharraf’s reign but to be honest, MQM was far more interested in their power politics in Mushy’s era than to have spent a considerable amount of their energies to go for this great ‘conspiracy.’
    What’s more, it’s quite a stunt to gain a short-cut popularity in today’s world by blurting out a highly controversial statement on electronic media. I look at Brig. Imtiaz’s statement with a highly skeptic view, considering if what he claims was the case, the guy would’ve actually been booked by the agencies by now or would’ve been cowed into an apologetic stance, considering what our army is capable of(not that I approve of it.)
    Lastly, what’d you say of Mr. Altaf’s statements over Pakistan’s formulation being a mistake at India? Sounds like a highly patriotic stance, eh?
    I would gladly leave my political alliances to stand with truth, wherever it be. However everyone ought to consider all facets of an issue before going on to quote every favorable instance as a point scored for their personal political inclinations!

    I would like to share a link with you:
    Surely UNHCR officials aren’t a bunch of Nawaz Sharif-hired agents who’d malign MQM’s image for some benefits, right? What’s more, this page at wiki about MQM contains some ‘valuable’ information about the allegations of terrorism against the party with some indisputable references at the end. I hope one with a rational mind would certainly feel a stir in his stance after having read this:

  12. Just heard Brig(R) Imtiaz on Geo.The way he was revealing the “Facts”,it was clear that it’s a pre-planned drama. Continuous praise of Altaf and PPP and targetting Nawaz Sharif and others.

    I wonder how an ex Army man is being trusted by MQM supporters? The guy also had memory issue and many times he misquoted others and later apologized. How such NROfied person could be trusted? Nadeem Daar is continuously saying that He did find maps of Jinnah Pur. Regardless of that, Imtiz’s claim that Altaf returned bags filled with currency,it was a plain joke. How a Bhatta inventor could return money? More important, if Nawaz did all that then why MQM slept with Nawaz’s party in 97 election and formed a government?

    On other hand, this is plain crap and lie that 15,000 URDU SPEAKING “innocent” were killed. Genocide? Oh please! if it was a genocide against Mohajirs then why am I still alive? why others residents of Nazimabad No.1,FB Area,and other middle class regions still taking breathe? Yes “Mohajirs” were killed but they were criminals with names like Kaana,Commando and what not and they were in few hundreds NOT in thousands. In reality MQM’s guys ran away in interior sind during PPP’s operation and hide in various shrines.

    @Rumaisa Mohani: Bibi ever heard of fear of politics? This mantra works quite well. It was used by America every time and it’s used by locals as well. Despite of MQM’s “popularity”, MQM vote bank did get disturbed. I remember Sattar started complaining of rigging when he was defeated in election. So assuming that Karachiites “love” MQM is like living in dreams. Things were different in late 80s and things have chnged a lot in new century.

  13. ISI and Army funded Jamat e Islami is very itched by the truth coming out for MQM.

    Jamate Islami is part of Genocide of Pakistanis started from East Pakistan when they were taking Military training from Army and in the name of Al Badar and al Shams killing innocent Bangalis by calling them RAW agent.

    Jamat e islami tried to capture Karachi after 1992 operation, Their workers were so active and doing Mukhbaries of MQM people.

    Jamat e Islami is completely involved in Operations against MQM and Urdu Speaking people.

    Adnan Siddiqui sounds like a perfect Jamati and now these people feared about the coming elections, so they have started to beat the drum against MQM.

    Adnan Siddiqui what you think about ISI funding to your beloved Jamat e islami and other Jehadi parties?

    Jamat e islami don’t have any political deapth in Karachi now, their siding with Talibans and their anti MQM propaganda is enough for the people of karachi to kick them hard.

    I saw a protest after Jumma Prayers, Asadullah Bhutto was addressing after Jumma Prayer and only 10-20 people were there to listen him.

  14. @ Adnan Siddiqui
    There is not proof of ISI funding to MQM.
    But there is a proof of ISI funding to so called Jamat e islami so talk about the thing which is present with proof.

    When a proof against MQM comes up that it also took money from ISI we will talk about it, till then talk about Jamat e islami Taking BRIBE from ISI for making alliance against PPP.

  15. Salaam to all. What happpened in 1992 was horrible with the workers of mqm. Now the truth is revealed that mqm is a great party . A party that is hear to help all the people of Pakistan. So that our Pakistan can be beautifull and peacefull place. As long as pakistan is in the hands of the people who just want to fill there pockets and people who dont want to help the citizens of pakistan our counry will never have peace. Look at the great things mayor of Karachi Mr.Mustafa Kamal Bhai is doing. Just imagine if people like him or he himself is the leader of Pakistan imagine were our country will be a few years from today. It will be a peace loving and helping country a country where every person from this earth will want to see and learn from. Please i will wish for every one who is reading this msg is to understand that mqm is here to help Pakistan not hurt Pakistan. And in conclusive i will wish that every body will take just take a little moment out there lives and pray to allah. Pray to allah for all of our mqm brothers and sisters who lost there lives yesterday so we can have a better today and tomorrow. And allah se dua hai ke unn sabh bhan aur bhai ko karwat karwat jannat naseeb ho jo Pakistan ke leyai shaheed hogai AMEEN. PAKISTAN MQM and Mr.Altaf Hussain zindabad.

  16. Mr. Author i am here as well now.
    well guys.
    i know 92 incident was shown more radically than it was in actual. However, there is no doubt that MQM has always been involved in terrorist activities.
    you should that video as well in which Hamid meer said that Musharraf told him that he want to kill ALTAF Hussain.
    MQM can never be a good political party.
    The developments in karachi are not done by MQM. It has been planned by Last govt. that was jamat e islami.
    This Govt of MQM just went on the inauguration of each development done by the previous govt.
    Mr. Faisal……its really hard to promote MQM coz everyone knows the truth.

  17. salam to everyone adnan n usman u both r wrong. I think u can consult to the doctor b/c u both have mentally problem. U both support jamat which were never worked in 63 years b/c this party was made before pakistn independence n they were against pakistan they started many fake movement to abuse people of karachi just like in 1979. so if u supported them than u r totally wrong ur thinking wrong ur prospects wrong so just consult to the doctor n get better treatment b/c MQM worked in karachi honestly sincerely n do better job in karachi the one example is MUSTAFA QAMAL n there r many examples but i think if u have brain than u better understand.

  18. @ Adnan siddiqi!!! Dear brother Adnan I agreed with some of your facts and figures that you describe above. brother be remeber that every reaction always comes after action.
    let forget Altaf hussain and MQM and talk generally about the the causes started the violence of karachi.
    what do you think about the era of Ayub khan when the citizens of karachi voted Fatima jinnah and in result what Gohar ayub the son of ayub khan did with the innocent citizens of karachi. Attacked on the urdu speaking residential areas especially in liaquatabad and nazimabad. kidnapped a girl from from the PECHS college. if you are the ex-resident of nazimabad you should know it very well. remember at that time there was no MQM and no Altaf hussain.
    what about the attack on qasba aligarh more than 400 innocent people were killed brutely, after than attack on sohrab goth rally and then who can forget the killings in pakka qilla hyderabad. who can forget what happened in karachi operation the embarassment faced by the citizens of karachi when rangers and police searched their houses. being a nazimabadi you know it better than me.
    Dont forget that HAQIQI killers get hundreds thousands of rupees for per killings and they become a millionare in one night. who distributed G3 rifles to them.
    Me myself when i worked at pakistan Navy they some time called me MATARWA and MQM terrorist. so what was my sin.
    My dear brother very few people know about that bitter truth that LIAQuAT BALOCH the leader of jamat was directly involved in the killings of karachi no one can deny this truth as well there is a complete file report against him in the office of IB.
    we can not deny that all of this happened just because of ethinic bases not more than this.
    My brother Adnan i agreed that MQM is not 100% innocent but try to make a research that why these educated people started to do this….
    hope for a positive reply. thankyou.

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