14th Aug and aftermath

When on the morning of 13th Aug sid gave the rallying cry for the #blaggers to assemble it felt surreal. The #gogreen team pioneered and headed by our mad scientist/blogger Farhan Masood had been working hard over weeks for this day. The idea being to turn twitter and facebook into a virtual sea of green by changing the display pics to a patriotic background for everyone. The second part of this idea was what the rallying cry issued for, to take the hashtag #Pakistan to the top of the trending topics on twitter.

Doubtless many of our citizens laughed at the frivolity of this plan, many went a step further and criticized this patriotism as jingoism and bandwagon politics. However I for one felt something when sid gave the call and I saw the hashtag #Pakistan start flashing across my screen as tweeter after tweeter joined into this cause, it was as if we had taken over the twitter sphere even for a few hours, and as more and more tweets exploded and echoed across my conscience, I felt my heart swell, my eyes moist up and a warm fuzzy feeling. Not because it made a difference that we took Pakistan’s name to the second most talked about topic on twitter, but because I saw the spirit of Pakistan break the shackles of negativity, greed, selfishness and distraction to emerge as one, with one voice and that voice was emphatically heard and then amplified by mainstream media across Pakistan.

It said, we are not dead, we have not withered into the night, we are here to fight and we will salute the incoming dawn of hope with one note, one discourse, one scream that of Pakistan Zindabad!!!

Long live Pakistan, long live the bloggers of Pakistan and may we continue to make a difference, because we aim for things others discard, we shall prove again and again that we are what counts in this great land!!!

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  1. Faisal I am touched by your patriotism as it comes out very strong in this article. Well done to the gogreen campaign! It is definitely an achievement to make it up there on twitter, one of the fastmoving social networks.

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