Judicial vs executive

So it begins again. We have all been waiting for the Chief Justice since he came back on gilded wings to do something to provide relief for the population of Pakistan and two days ago he fired his first salvo.

The government in denial as usual chose to impose a new “carbon” tax on our fuel price and thus took it to a hefty 62 rs, upon this decision the SC took action and the CJP declared in a summary judgment that carbon tax could not be charged till its thoroughly examined. Thus the day after the govts decision petrol plunged back down to 50 rs and all of us got a bit giddy at this sudden relief, obviously we are not used to any from any quarter. Just my last week should be proof enough for anyone, I had no power for 40% of the week, my water lines got mixed with my sewerage lines and both my phones went dead, but that’s life in Karachi.

We had not really recovered from the euphoria when slicktop stepped in and declared by presidential order that the carbon tax stays, over ceding the SC’s decision. Nice, really very nice Mr President it seems you have no problem with your negative image and chose to contribute to it rather than change it.

However even though I have suffered personally as I foolishly waited and did not fill up I cannot help but think about the implications of this whole exercise in futility. First of all the CJP has slighted the executive, who in turn has returned the favor. So will the two pillars of govt now stand toe to toe for the foreseeable future? Will the whole great judicial game start over??? Will the Executive upon further inroads by the judiciary send them packing again?

History it seems is fond of repeating itself in Pakistan. As it is we keep going back in time rather than moving forward, in all areas. However the question about why the CJP is more worried about the petrol prices and taxation and delayed PIA flights rather than the thousands of cases gathering fungus in his dockets is still beyond me. Should he not be worried about ensuring that “justice” be provided in the courts first and foremost before he starts the suo muto war again?

What do I know? I am a common man of this nation with access to no corridor of power or insight into the mind of the people who play us day in and day out. Still it seems to me as if democracy is on its last legs here again, but then some would argue and say “what democracy my dear winston”

Kaphe Kaphe, Nijat kaphe and all that.

  1. its an interesting dilemma – the SC ruled that the government’s decision to call it a carbon tax was essentially bull, since they didn’t intend to use it for that reason. i thought that was a great way of snuffing out realpolitik in pakistan.

    unfortunately, the longer we have cases sitting around, the worse things will get for those waiting around. which is what everyone claimed was the reason the judiciary should be empowered, because the taliban’s “swift” justice was the best alrenative.

    but, to paraphrase what you said, that’s life in pakistan 🙂

  2. Great Post.. Yup thats Life in Pakistan and We have to live it ! 🙂
    Buh still, I’m happy with the Fuel Price getting back to 50Rs. hehe xD

  3. I am confused whether we voted for AZ or for CJ… Who is the true representative of the people of Pakistan… :S

  4. I didn’t vote for Zardari or PPP , nor do any person I know voted for PPP. I am unsure if the richest fuedals and agri-capitalists have any right to sing ‘democracy’. But then again I am not in favour of the mil-bus either…
    I am no law professional but I think CJP has done the correct thing. He has bravely attempted to give a relief to the people of Pakistan and to stop the rich guys get even more richer.
    If such actions on the CJP part mean, its a new struggle coming our way, so be it. We can’t survive just like that. We have to change.

  5. Rather interesting. Has few times re-read for this purpose to remember. Thanks for interesting article. Waiting for trackback

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