Halal tube arrives

Muslims in general tend to be isolationist rather than assimilable. It stems from Islams basic belief that it is the evolution or the peak of all religions. What we tend to forget however are the basic teachings of our religion which then translate into being unnecessary social and emotional baggage in day to day life causing issues and problems because of our arrogance.

From time to time you will see evidence of this being manifested around the world. From a German court having to order a girl to swim with her classmates to the old issue of a hijabi’s drivers license being null and void as only the eyes can be seen. The latest chapter in the non conforming attitude of our religion is Halaltube. I do not think there is anything wrong with forming a website for the distribution of Islamic lectures and videos but the fact that you are calling it Halaltube means that the other, or “Youtube” is haraam?

The world Halal is being used by Muslim opportunists all around the world today to deceive and pull wool over believers eyes who are often too ready to part with their money on the name of their religion. For instance “Halal banking” being witnessed in rage all over Pakistan basically serves no purpose but to attract the fundo bunch to the particular bank as they replace terms with Islamic names, interest becoming markup and car leasing becoming takafful and what not. Upon examination one will find that the underlying financial structure is the same as any haraam bank but the name is Islamic so it must be alright!!

Its absurdity to the max as there are banks in Karachi with regular and Halal windows for deposits under the same roof. Add to this the fact that Halal toothpaste, Halal clothing, Halal food and masalas and what not are doing a roaring business all over the western world and we seem to have created a whole industry for people out of our non conformist attitudes.

Why are we doing this is beyond me, We are only driving people away from our culture and our religion by this attitude and its implication. Plus what is the verfication of all this halal/haram judgment. Or are we to believe former rockstars with beards who assure us that “Checking with various sources they have made sure xyz is halal”

Perhaps “Halaltube” should cache ips and compare them to “youtube” to do a study on how many muslims actually watch “halal stuff”

  1. Hi Faisal,

    I think you’re being a little harsh on HalalTube. You’re reading into the name for no reason. It’s a team of Muslims who are making it easier to find great lectures by Islamic scholars. Read the “About” section >> http://www.halaltube.com/about.

    It’s a valid niche and there’s immense need and scope for technology as an enabler and organizer of vast masses of information. I can’t see a thing wrong with it. Also I’ve browsed through the site (very basic) and they don’t indicate any bias or dislike of YouTube which remains the most visited source of Islamic video content on the web. Of course there’s an element of isolationism in all societies and communities but definitely not in this case.

    And is your reference of “former rockstars with beards” directed towards Cat Stevens? Why do men these days have a problem with hair? Let their be hair! πŸ™‚

    All the best – and keep writing!

  2. Nice piece. I agree. While they may not naturally be implying that youtube is haram, implying that their “tube” is halal is just plain strange. Islamic society does tend to be isolationist and exclusionary when that goes against the principles of a pluralistic society as prescribed in Islam.

    Mr.mirza- I am assuming that his reference to former rockstars was more towards the likes of junaid jamshed.

  3. Sir Faisal,

    If there is a buyer/seller market for Halal products and services, then let there be light. If I like eating Kappooras in my Kat-a-Kat then please let me enjoy my Kappoora Kat-a-Kat. However if you know that my Kat-a-Kat provider is using dog’s bollocks then please do let me know. I am open to eating goat’s bollocks, but dog! I just say no.

    I notice that you also picked up on the Islamic Finance mushrooms that are growing like a fungus in dung. From my analysis of this plant specimen, most Islamic Finance is fungus pretending to be an orchid

    OK letÒ€ℒs cut to the chase. Here is some material that lets people analyse the Islamic Banking circus from the Dark Side of the Moon. Please process this material and spread it so that the Orchid triumphs over the Fungus.





    May the force be with you!

    PS Fungi on Pizza with Black Olives rock!

  4. @ Luke Sky Walker
    Just by seeing those links I can guess I know you. πŸ™‚

    While there is such a thing as banking in a halal way, unfortunately we have now tried to fit conventional finance into a Halal skin and marketed everythign and anything as Islamic Finance.

    Usury is a clear cut no no in Islam but just because you package a bottle of wine in Tetrapak it doesnt become Halal.

    However, you turn the wine into vinegar and keep it in the wine bottle it is Halal.

    OK I am rambling. Fact of matter that Usury is bad. And all that is claimed to be Halal is not.

  5. You don’t realize what assimilate means do you? Maybe you were looking for the word integrate. Assimilate means to loose your entire identity and become indistinguishable from the rest of whatever group your joining. Basically that means you become a non-muslim. Integrate on the other hand means you maintain your own identity and religion but become part of the society at large.

    Your wrong about Muslims not integrating in non-muslim societies. I grew up in Sri Lanka where there is a significant Muslim minority that is well integrated with the rest of SL society. In fact they are so integrated that they enjoy a disproportionately higher share of the national income! It is only because they maintain good relations with the majority and other minority communities that they’ve managed to do so well.

    Also what is wrong with having your own halal products? Aren’t there entire industries that cater to the religious requirements of non-muslims? Yes there are! So why are you so against businesses that cater to needs of Muslims?

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