Fall from grace?

Cricket is a very cruel sport. Less than a month ago the whole nation was cheering as Yunis khan and his team won the world 20 20 cup, they were heralded as heros for beating Srilanka in the final so clinically, however the test series they have now lost in Srilanka has brought out the daggers once more.

The above picture is where it all went to rot so it would seem, Pakistan were trundled out for a score of an unbelievable 90 runs in their first innings and after a remarkable comeback spearheaded by umar gul they restricted the hosts to a lead of just 150 odd runs which was easily overcome when fawad alam stroked a maiden century and had a 200 run partnership with the skipper and then it happened.

Yunis khan in perhaps what can only be decribed as fit to dominate, played a weird reverse sweep and the ball ricocheted off his shoulder from the bat to be caught out, then Pakistan folded..losing the rest of their batsmen for a mere 35 runs to end with a lead of 165 which the srilankans easily made to win the match and the series.

In his post match interview yunis mentioned how the shot is replaying in his mind and right now the familar bevy of old names have started giving their interviews against the team. However what of the others?? Can we ignore the fact that Misbah, Malik and Moyo all failed twice in this specific test match? That they also shoulder part of the blame rather than just heaping it all on the captain.

I have never been a big fan of the temperament of Ynuis Khan but this test match was not lost due to his batting or captaincy, it was lost because even though our bowlers are doing one hell of a job, the batting fails us again and again, the seasoned campaigners in the order are not making enough contributions and we end up short every time.

As fans we need to demand the same level of efficiency from Moyo, Malik, Misbah and Kamran Akmal as say Yunis Khan because without them playing their part we will lose again and again no matter how many young fast bowlers break through the ranks or no matter how many yorkers umar gul sends spearing in.

Being champions a month ago was excellent for all of us, but now the team has to prove that they are willing and worthy of that tag by displaying consistency, not miracle and dumb moments.


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