Deadpan thoughts 3.0

Its been a year and half since the launch of Deadpanthoughts. At first it started off as a blog on @, from there last year I got my own domain and courtesy of some friends set up my own website at the addy you are at now.

Since then I have been demanding a shift to web 2.0 standard graphix from myself but aside from trying on new themes I had little option as my graphics experience is well… limited.

So came the excellence theme and I sort of liked it for a good time, but it was too plain and too common, yeh I had gotten vain by now and wanted something no other person had on their blog. This is where Enk came in, who is a 18 yr old web designer from Hyderabad and I have succesfully been eating his head for the past 3 days to get to where we are today.

Thus without further ado I present the new Deadpan Thoughts Web 2.0 version with better styles a cleaner look, post thumbnails, threaded gravatar comments and a customized theme by elogoEnk. He swears by it and claims loading times shall improve as well now, in any case I thank you for putting up with the disturbance and the clutter for the last day or so and hope you enjoy the new Deadpan!!

  1. Well I like the theme! =D I noticed some background design behind “Deadpan Thoughts” on the banner? Why did you get rid of it? It looked nice

  2. was just trying diff options balu.. the developer has given me a lot of custom bgrounds and things to try.. in case i wanna change stuff

  3. I don’t know why but I’m in love with this work of mine. I just love this Blue White Theme but Faisal keeps on telling me to switch to some grunge stuff ! 🙂

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