60 hours and counting

If anyone’s been wondering as to where I have disappeared to, I have just gotten through one hell of a week.  July the 14th was an important day for my family specifically my inlaws as my “SIL” or “sister in laws” marriage was scheduled for that day and as I had to deal with being almost in charge of the festivities and the arrangements. I think I may have succeeded in discovering the formulae for turning half your hair white in one night. Off course most of the pressure was brought upon me by myself only as I decided to persuade everyone to go with the open air shimmering lights kind of look ala summer wedding style in the middle of monsoon season. Suffice to say many a quizzed look at the sky happened that day as we stumbled rolled, laughed and worried our way through the wedding which I would happily report as now over.

This was not enough for destiny to throw our way though and as we settled down to enjoy what should have been a few days of calm after the storm, the actual bloody storm took place. That was saturday night as the wife went to the last dawat and I opted out to stay home with the kids, the skies erupted and 205mm of rain came down. What was glorious for the first hour turned frightening as my house started to leak (for the first time since 30 years) my garage filled with water and the lovely lady was trapped on the other side of town with the cell phone on the conk.

With all this the electricity went kaput and as the UPS twanged into life, I feverishly ran helter skelter to secure first the leaking wall then the car and then the kids. Fortunately the wife made it home in an hour or so although she claims to this day she waded through waist high water to get to us. I disregard that as a bit of exaggeration. Although I may be wrong as now it has been proven to all and sundry after a day or so that these rains made a mockery of Karachi’s civic system, utilities and all. Frankly its been about 60 hrs since the electricity went and it has still not come back!!!! Obviously we are not so troubled as other folk due to the presence of a generator and a UPS battery backup but can you imagine what the masses must be going through? As this is the situation all over town!!

Plus to top it all of as I got to office today on Monday, I found it flooded and so I am writing this sitting in ankle deep water as my staff with their pants rolled up are bucketing the water out of my office. Oh yeah and there is no electricity here as well, which just means more petrol burnt by yours truly… what a life eh??

Still gives me a reason to tease my missus more as today is the day we got married as well, she has been a chaotic addition to my already becalmed life for sure.. and the events just prove that dont they? In any case that’s the story for now. Im adding a few pictures of the scene around my office to help you clearly visualize what I mean when I say we are adrift for now in Karachi. As for me, I am now going to go participate in a dharna blocking M.A jinnah Rd until power comes back!!


  1. Happy (I think) Wedding Anniversary;-) From those of us in the capital…our sympathies go out to you…OUCH…that was a mean glance:-)

  2. You know, I honestly was pissed off about the whole thing too – till I realized just how lucky we are to have solid roofs over our head. Seriously. As ‘grandma’ and ‘cliche’ as this may sound…… we truly had it the best of the lot. I felt sooooo bad for all the poor people and all those stuck in mediocre hospitals (with no generator power) and stuff.

    Not to say it wasn’t tough for you… it was. And it was tough for all of us. But just a little bit of positive thinking to help us get through it the next time.


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