The Arrivals Part I

A friend of mine, Farooq sent me this dvd from Australia and after watching it I feel every one of us needs to see this.  Ok I have never been big on broadcasting conspiracy theories because they mostly confuse but having been very interested in the “New world order” as well as how certain very well placed “all seeing” individuals are shaping our destiny to come this dvd has literally blown my mind.

Many parts of it are available on youtube if one would just google “The Arrivals” but I am going to give you the short cut into a journey of revelation or at least try to. I do realize some of the imagery in these videos may be disturbing but the key is not to just see the images but the symbolism behind them.

In future posts I will continue to seek out the most relevant bits of this huge series of videos and present them for my readers, enjoy!

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  1. There have many conspiracy theories on a hidden society controlling things, whether in the guise of Freemasons, or Illuminati, or some other such society. Generally there is some truth behind these stories so really looking forward to view once I get the time….. I’ll try and see if I can find a copy of the DVD. You got it on ya?

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