Making peace with muslims?

It is quite comical that the world has gone from “suspicion” to “we are at war” status with the Muslim world, if such a thing exists. What is the muslim world?? Is it a world apart from the judeo christian world? Is there a Buddhist world? Do we all not live in the same world?

Right now Obama the leader of the “Judeo christian” world who is quite confusing himself is in Saudi Arabia trying to make peace with the sheikhs. The fact that the west with its intelligence, with its in depth analysis of all sorts of philosophy, culture and awareness is unaware that Saudi Arabia has no control over the “Muslim world” is hilarious. Yes Saudi is the religious figurehead and center of the Muslim world, but as far as political influence is concerned, the Saudi royals are looked upon by the powerful players  such as Iran with contempt and suspicion. In fact they get the same reaction from their own people. In fact here is an idea!!  If  Obama wants to bring about change why does he not suggest “democracy” to his Saudi friends. Lets see if they will answer that with a “yes we can”

Then there is the little question of the state of Israel. What will the Americans give in return for assurances from the Muslim world that we will not bomb them to hell? Will they give up supporting Israel? Will they push towards a solution in the Middle east? Will Israeli war generals also face the same fate as their counterparts in other parts of the world going through war crime trials in Hague?

Frankly reaching a political solution of a problem which is between religions is not easy at all. Obviously Obama is making a good step by reaching out to the rest of the world to improve an American image tarnished by “Bumble Bush.” However in order to do what his aim is, America will have to alter not just its foreign policy but its perception of the Muslim world. This perception as of right now is the one pax romania had of the gauls and other godless pagans.  Creepily enough they have the same symbol of “liberation” as well, the eagle. Not just that but lets not kid ourselves God promised both Jews and Palestinians a holy land and he ain’t exactly available for comment, so until his emissaries unite(the religious orders) in the name of peace nothing is going to happen.

Let the pope and an entire shurah of the Muslim world get togather and send out the message of peace and that will work wonders, state visits of the Master to his viceroys in charge will achieve zilch.

By the way ever since Obama came into power, the American war machine instead of going through the much touted “change” has gone into an overdrive with adding more troops to Afghanistan, more drone attacks in Afpak and a complete refusal to release war crime pictures back home.

So who does Obama think he is kidding?

  1. The term “Muslim World” IS simplistic, you are right – but I think in this ideological war where Islam has become the dividing line post-9/11, Muslim World is reference to the communities it encompasses. Is it the most PC term? No. But I think its a convenient term when discussing these issues.

    And I think Saudi does hold some sway if we’re discussing political power, but because Muslims are so divided among themselves, they hold considerable influence among Sunnis, esp. Sunnis from the Wahhabi school of thought. Moreover, Mecca & Medina will always be important to ALL Muslims, so regardless of the political ambitions of the govt, that historical fact will always ring true. Finally, I think Iran is imp politically in the region, and if we’re discussing divisions, then they’re esp. influential for the Shias of this “Muslim World.” Do I believe the sectarian divisions are good? No. But they are a reality and there are divisions on who they support and perceive as influential accordingly.

  2. Change has come only in words. As of now, he just sounds like a hypocrite. What’s in a word?
    Even I find the amount of attention US gives to Saudi pretty ridiculous. “Muslim world” is no longer centralised. There was a time when all the muslims in the world whole world turned to the caliphate in Turkey, but that era is long gone. What is left behind are nations with their own goals. Saudi Arabia just has money, no real power. They don’t even pose a threat to anyone except their citizens.. what is the point making peace with such people… they are already pretty peaceful aren’t they? They should hold peace talks with Iran and may be with Taliban too.. Though am sure these parties don’t give a damn about US of A!

  3. The Sunni nations the Saudis supposedly hold sway over are not the ones Obama has an issue with or has to make peace with, most of them are already slaves to the U.S or Saudi which basically means the same thing today.

    The only two nations which Obama has to make peace with are Iran and the Taliban nation…which exists in Afpak… and is slowly but surely entrenching support.

    So it doesn’t make a difference whether he goes to Iraq or Egypt or wears golden pendants given by the Saudi king…its all b.s unless the tea party includes Ahmadinajad and Osama.

    To me he has achieved nothing since he has been in govt…its bush with better speech skills and a diff color that’s bout it. If he wants to make peace he should breakaway from Israel and see how everything will fall into place..why cannot he stop supporting Israel like a school yard bully? That’s all that’s gotta happen to assure world peace its the biggest flashpoint and the most sound logic behind the suicide brainwashing going on all over… Al qaeda is because of the Palestine problem take that away and there is no reason to support militancy for anyone and oh by the way…muslims do support militancy.. or the Taliban would never be present till now.

  4. Faisal, I like the patterns you have touched upon with Obama about going in overdrive for example. I think for Muslims there has to be much deeper realization that Obama is actually far more dangerous than Bush. In case of Bush we knew he is an idiot and a neo-con. It was easy to see what he could do and did with out wearing a thicker cloak. In case of Obama he is wearing following cloaks:

    – A Black American, seemingly big achievement for Americans as he is likely to bring about a bigger ‘change’ socially specially for blacks etc.

    – He is properly ‘branded’ and ‘marketed’ with books he has written, life history with flavor of ‘in touch with Muslim world’. Hence subliminal acceptance in Muslim world.

    – Seemingly supporter of peace by eliminating religious extremism.

    Any leader whether it is Obama or not, hiding behind these cloaks with a totally different agenda, in today’s world is likely to succeed. The reason is that these cloaks seemingly address the problem. Now here is why I think these are cloaks for deception and why it is more dangerous:

    Since the beginning of this century the government officials of united states and Uk are always members of very specific organisations with very specific agenda. These organisations are:

    The Round Table – involved in colonization of South Africa. – A private organisation.
    Royal Institute of International affairs. – A private Organisation.
    Councel on Foriegn relations CFR (1921). Under RIIA.

    – Major Presidents and members of parliaments and politicians, bankers and business men.
    – It is a private organisation.

    The Bilderberg group – 1954. A private group, bankers politicians etc.

    The trilateral commission TTC, 1972-73 – A private organisation.

    No American president, member of state department or security council can join the office until he/she becomes a member of any one of these organisation.

    Looking at the history and their track record, these organisations have the same agenda of pushing the ‘World Order in form of world central bank, world central government etc.

    They have been slowly pushing their strategies to form ‘new world order’ in following approach:

    – problem, for e.g Alqaida or religious extremism (majority of is actually created by them checkout this site for more details:

    – reaction: create multi layer hysterical propaganda in media to confuse and depress people to react.

    – solution: push their own strategy as a solution and because people will be so desperate they will not object or think straight to questions it.

    just my 2 cents worth.

    for more details have a look at these videos (from 1998 and still valid, as it seams Bill Clinton won the election under the same umbrella of ‘change’):

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