1. Sobia and Salik were amazzing !! Abdul Aleem, Tahir and Batool were gr8 as well.

    I especially enjoyed Abdul’s cool narcissistic and optimistic character of Algernon Moncrieff.

    But just as awesome as the play was there were some minor weak links: mainly Amna Khan, who was just terrible as Cecily, she kept the same monotone in all her dialogues. Her ugly braces were visible to well over the 6th and 7th rows. And she looked really old to play a girl of 18 years old.

    And lastly Sabiha Zia who was although much better than Amna but still looked as if she had just lamely memorized all her lines and was just shooting them off in all directions.

    But nevertheless and awesome effort by the K.B Thespians, hats off to you guys !! Best of luck for the coming days ahead.

  2. This is timeless stuff

    The great thing about theater is that you can put your own spin on something and make it something new or even original

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