Relief effort for Swat Part I, Karachi

Ever since Pakistan launched a full out attack on the Taliban,  a massive displacement of people fleeing the war zone has taken place. So huge is the throng of families fleeing the affected area that it is tilll now the single largest displacement of people in Pakistan’s history.

Yes, this is more horrible a displacement than in the Bangladesh war, or any other war in Pakistan.  On ground estimates show a number of 1.48 million people in camps set up by different relief agencies, International donor groups and the government of Pakistan in Mardan, Buner and other areas needing immediate relief. This number is growing every single day as people are pouring out of the war affected areas any chance they can get, leaving behind everything that is theirs, some even forgetting to lock or bolt their homes as they flee for their lives.

Living under the open sky sometimes and sometimes in tents these poor souls have to depend on relief goods and aid to get through their day to day existence which is being gathered in all parts of the country, however nowhere is the relief effort more powerful or more emotional than in Karachi, which is known not only for its azure shores but for the generosity of the philanthropists who live here. We have seen this city taking the lead when the earthquake of Oct 2007 happened, when PAF C130s ran out of space at the PAf base on karsaz with the amount of goods people donated for the victims of the quake from Karachi. Now again the city is alive with the spirit of donation, everywhere you go you can see organizations collecting goods and medicines for our brothers and sisters in swat.

I thought I would do a series of posts recognizing not only the collective effort which makes my heart swell with pride in this city but chronicling to the best of my ability what is being done and by whom.

The first organization I have contacted for this is the Khidmat E Khalq foundation(KKF), the charitable wing of MQM which has been seen in full force throughout this city going from shop to shop in the shape of celebrities asking for aid, to donations from party funds as well as relief drop off camps set up all over the city. Two days ago I stood on tariq road and heard Amjad Sabri singing “Bhar de joli” from a truck as people ran to give him 5 Rs, sometimes 50, sometimes 10 and whatever they could to help the people of Swat. I saw an Umar sharif one of our best comedians cry tears as he appealed to the shop keepers by name to come out and open their hearts and boy did they come.  Never before have I seen such spirit on this road damned by commercialism, never have I seen not only shop keepers but thela wallas giving anything they could just to keep someones stove burning in those camps in Swat.

Till date the KKF has collected around 3 carore 75 lakh Rs (half a million dollars)  worth of goods for the relief effort in Swat.  Five truckloads of goods were dispatched just yesterday on a C 130 from PAF base on shahrae Faisal. How do i know this? Well because I ask rather than judge and below are the 4 documents outlining what has been donated (itemized lists) as well as some photographs of the relief activities going on in Karachi organized by KKF. Suffice to say this Karachiite is full of emotion and gratitude for the people of this city and organizations like KKF without which none of this would have been possible.  Tum sab ko sallam hay!!!


Celebrities gathering donations shop to shop with KKF for Swat @ Tariq Road


Khidmat E Khalq foundation relief camps all over Karachi, 14th May


Trucks being loaded onto C 130 @ PAF base yesterday, 19th May 2009


Next to come in this series will be a post covering the activities of the bloggers of Karachi and from all over Pakistan as they digitize the relief effort with the latest tech tools in their own special way, so keep the browser here folks & don’t hate but participate, Pakistan Zindabad!


Khidmat E Khalq foundation & PRAC for providing the data and the pictures

  1. Great Post Faisal Sahib, KKF is the same organization owned by Muthida Qaumi Movement or the MQM? Right!!! I personally would like to thank them although I don’t agree with the party on various policy but there motivation against Taliban Terrorists and sending relief to devastated areas is winning hearts!

  2. This is not a first time, the people of Karachi donates generously, they have done when the country needs, and when the Qaid said, This is in our blood to safe the humanity and to safe our countryman.Qaid ka hoo aik Ishara….Hazir Hazir Lahoo humaara.

  3. awesome work KKF..We r so proud of u..before tht they worked in NWFP & KAshmir…so proud of u(KKF) and ur Quaid Altaf Hussain Sahib!!!

  4. mahjer qomemovement sa muttaheda tak MQM na sab ke madad ke laken MQM ko sewae mokakfat k kuch nahe mela” WELL DON MQM

  5. Generosity and hospitality of people of Sindh is an acclaimed fact. As in every natural disaster people of Sindh has always stood with their brothers. MQM in particular alongwith other social welfare organizations always played a model role in these situations. KKF remain a step ahead in dispatching relief goods to the effected areas as well as sent their voluntary medical teams and workers for taking part in relief activities.

    Best part of social activities by KKF is that it helps without any discrimination.

  6. i appreciate the all workers of mutthaida quami moment (MQM) about the enagaging themselves daynight in khidmat khalq foundation (KKF) for the cause of humanity and brotherhood…………………….

  7. great work by kkf.
    Ideologically speaking, MQM is not a proponent of Socialism, Communism or unbridled Capitalism. It only believes in Realism and Practicalism. By adopting this philosophy it desires to establish an economic system based on free market economy in accordance with the spirit of democracy.

  8. MQM belives in help of huminty Leader of MQM always teach there workers to help huminity
    MQM always eager to work for peoples who need help any time
    its not first time of work of KKF the earth quick donations , The sonami donations and now donation for refugees.
    KKF is working hard for Khidmat of peoples help of peoples
    Well JOb KKF
    May ALLAH Bless MQM and its all Wings


  10. If anyone wants to learn how to motivate people for a cause, MQM is the case in point. The strong organization coupled with people’s support is surely a deadly combination for the forces of evil.

    Keep up the good work KKF.

  11. i appreciate the all workers of mutthaida quami moment (MQM) about the enagaging themselves daynight in khidmat khalq foundation (KKF) for the cause of humanity and brotherhood……………………

  12. As we all see in the past that this political party and its foundation (KKF) are well aware about the needs of everyone who suffers with heavy loses like the earth quake incident in Upper Pakistan few years back.

    The workers of MQM are working day and night for the cause of humanity and brotherhood (the lesson told by their leader) from the very first day when MQM formed but what the establishment give them as a result we all see. Besides not taking care about the results they are again working for the relief efforts for Swat and a huge response came from the public again.

  13. KKF is been doin this kinda work for last 20 years and specially there work during earthquack and other disasters are recognized by international community and organizations. this show that how MQM step forward when ever it needed, no other political or religious party in pakistann is so efficient and prompt like MQM. thas y i concider MQM is the real party of the comon ppl of pakistan

  14. Dear All,

    I appreciated to you and all member’s of (MQM+KKF+Comm Web) Great Post Faisal I personally would like to thank them although I don’t agree with the MQM policy but there motivation against Taliban Terrorists and sending relief to devastated areas is winning hearts!

    Jaisa k aap tamam mukhtalif zaban,rang,nasal se taaluq rakhne wale log jante hain k MQM ko badnam karne ki sazish aaj sai nahi bulke kai saloon sai ja rahi hai koi na koi siasi tehreek sai larwane ki kosish ki jati hai or aaj bhi aap k samne agencies ne again 1 party ko la kar khra kar rakha hai. khudara aap log samjhin or pakistan ko broken se bachne k liye apna kirdar ada karen.

    Thanks for all supporting members of (MQM+KKF+Comm web)
    Specialy for FAISAL.

    Rehan Khan

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