PCB has the warts not shoaib akhter

Although the PCB has had its fair share of gaffes in the past, it has really taken the cake this time around with the release of the now infamous press statement about Shoaib Akhter describing to the whole world why he cannot take part in the upcoming cricket event.

Its not just that they insulted him by disclosing a private medical condition and given his bad boy image caused more people to go tch tch haye kaisa Pakistani hay, but the way his condition was described to all and the fact that no respect was given to his privacy is more than alarming.

Seems like the PCB has it out for Shoaib and even though he has hardly been a model citizen by any description, to humiliate him in front of the whole world like this is totally unacceptable. Perhaps this is a method of trying to get him to bid farewell to them once and for all. Shoaib with his drug antics and the attitude did prove to be a waste of hs talent, but lets be fair when we say that PCB played a major role in his demise as well.

When will these officials learn? They need to take a quick course in media handling skills in my humble opinion, already talk is surfacing of a rift between the chairmen of the selectors and our captain. When are we all going to decide that we play, staff and support the same “Team Pakistan”?

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  1. i disagree with yaseen ch that he never deserved a place.. he was awesome on australias tour where we won 2-1 and in the famous series in which he bowled tendulkar and dravid in india and we won.. also he played well in 1999 world cup…. did mr yaseen ch say the same thing when tendulkars middle stump was reeling…

    i think he deserved to be in the team back then but yes agreed now he doesnt deserve a place

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