Ipl’s thunder stolen by a blog

As the IPl stutters through its paces having been transplanted in S.A sans the fans, the focus of the entire tournament now seems to be not the teams playing or who is winning but a blog known as “Fake IPL player”

Fake IPL Player is an anonymous blogger who claims to be part of the Kolkatta Knightriders Franchise and is a hilariously funny writer who certainly has more than required inside knowledge of all the teams happening and misgivings behind the scenes.

This blog has caused a rift in the KKR team as the players are now scared to even hangout with their team mates or for that matter the other teams with the KKR’s due to suspicion of the blogger’s presence. This blogger stops at nothing to poke fun at all the International players and what goes on behind the shut doors of bars and dressing rooms in the “IPL”

This blogger has adopted nicknames for most of the players in the IPL, and promises to reveal his identity on the last match day of the Kolkatta knight riders. He has not only stolen the thunder from the IPL but has proven once and for all that bad management and frustrated players in this digital age can lead to things far more dangerous than losing a tourney.

Some of the nicks he uses are

Lordie: Saurav Ganguli

Sheikh of tweak : Shane Warne

Vinnie Dildo : Shahrukh Khan (Owner KKR)

Bhooka Naan : Buchanan (Coach KKR)

Sachin Tendulkar : Little Monster

Yuvraj Singh : Prince Charles of Patiala

Mangal Panday : Laxmi Ram Shukla

Candy Nickle : Andy bichel

Lady Jia : Jaywardene

Arnold Power : Ramesh Powar

Castro : Fidel Edwards

Springbok : Charl Langeveldt

Ghati Baba : Rohit Sharma

My favourite quote from one of his numerous posts is

A few hundred kms away, the Bevdaas have problems of a different kind. Their rock star Peter Ka Beta, now known as Re-Peter, is all set to repeat their performance of last season. In fact, they may go one step better this time. What else do u expect when you sign on a star, make him captain, allow him to play only a few matches, forgive him forgetting his own players’ names, have fun at ur expense and then return home with a fat pay cheque. Some guys have all the luck, don’t they?

Rawk on Bloggers, Rawk on FIP!!!

  1. 😉 sadly not following IPL so cannot apprecaite the poking fun – The ONE match victory of Pakistan distracted me forever to watch the next few matches – and The Players PGA has me clinched onto the screen rest of the way

  2. hehe now this is funny. Though I am boycotting the series 😛 but I will surely follow this blog 😉

  3. It’s arduous to search out educated folks on this matter, however you sound like you already know what you’re speaking about! Thanks

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