Chappal cup draws to a close

With the last match in the Chappal cup between Pakistan and Australia having been played out in front of me on the telly, I can safely say that I am officially bewildered and livid with rage at my team.

They started out quite well, beating the Aussies in the first ODI ala Afridi’s magical spell, but then from the 2nd match onwards Pakistan looked like it was enjoying the facilities offered by the princely state of Dubai a bit too much to concentrate on cricket.

I say this because when Australia brought in first Watson and themselves back in the series with a bang, a fan could step back and say ok so 1 all game on. However the next two matches played were so easily winnable by Pakistan that it was extremely disappointing to see them lose when they should have taken the lead in the series, and I might add all the while giggling like school girls. The third match was perhaps the finest example as Pak had an opening stand of 98 runs chasing 199 and still lost!!

So what the hell is up with our captain Younis Khan? Does he think a 300 on a wallflower of a wicket in the previous series excuses him from shouldering any responsibility against Australia in this series? His contributions with the bat have been dismal, his captaincy is less than inspiring and his attitude wants me to stick a shoe up his ass every time he smiles at his opponents taking a Pak wicket. Its like he is jumping up and down and laughing saying “OMG I cant believe we are playing the Aussies and I’m the Captain OMG”

This could easily have been our series, just look at what Pakistan did to Australia today, Aus made 253 and Pakistan made that with 3 overs to spare. Misbah stroked 76 and Kamran Akmal a century as they ripped apart the Aussie attack like it was a minnow they were playing.  The Aussies did not give them “any” breaks, no catches dropped or misfield’s we were just too good for them today. So what exactly in gods name happened in between the first match and the last match of this series? Someone clue this fan in because although losing 3-2 to the Aussies is no mean feat, I still cannot sit here and make excuses when today’s match shows we could have done it with style.

Heck seems to me we were just so excited to be there, we never actually believed we could beat the mighty Aussies.

Kudos to Australia, they are one hell of a professional outfit.

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  1. Lighten up dude. There are still a lot of positives, and remember we haven’t played international cricket for a while, so I’m willing to give them a benefit of the doubt.

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