Being Blogger of the month

When Ammar of Teabreak asked  for my email on twitter last week I never knew what was in store for me.  Yesterday I received an email from him telling me I have been named blogger of the month by Teabreak along with questions which I duly answered to make this interview.

Obviously I am overwhelmed, I have scarcely been a blogger for a year and I feel honored to be nominated by Teabreak which is I think the biggest blog aggregator in Pakistan. Some people might think this is not a big deal but to be declared something by a jury of your own peers counts the most to me.

Suffice to say the feeling of validation has hit home as duly pointed out by a friend. At this moment I can think of all those Newspaper editors who never wrote back to my pleas to give me a chance to contribute, however I prefer to think of all the friends who helped me get here so quickly.

So this award is for Wajahat who made me restart writing after I had given up on it, for all my friends @ cricket247 where I first wrote a blog,  for Awab who pushed me to do more with blogging than just post my published work, to Tazeen who taught me the difference between sensationalism and journalism to Batty who listened to so many of my rants and bitching while i tried to find my niche, to Jamash who has lent me his art in the form of pics so many times, to Naureen who first gave me a break in international journalism to Saeed who boosted my confidence to no end by putting my name in quotes on CNN, to Welsh willow who taught me to keep my feet on the ground, to Sonya who has shown me that journalism can make a difference and to Raza who has taught me that politics can lead to solutions and to all the others who held my hand as I restarted writing and lent me support. Thank you all for being there for me. A blogger is nothing without his support network and there are many names who are not on this list helping me out even today by giving me space on their pages, by providing me links and input and by believing in me.

I feel this is just the beginning but the first milestones are the sweetest. Rawk on Blaggers!!

  1. sniff sniff snifff — we love you too Deadpan thoughts –

    heres to the endless Blackberry messenger messages …. may we have more late nighters on our favorite BB’s

    sniff sniff sniff – we love you too

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