Ye islam nahi hay

We have all been brought up by our elders to not question men of our faith, some of us were given the leverage to do so and thus developed a higher level of understanding as to what Islam is and what it actually entails. Others however were taught dogmatically and rigidly and thus for them to question someone speaking from a pulpit with a long beard is almost akin to committing social murder.

Perhaps this is the core difference between the masses and the moderate elite of Pakistan the difference in which they have been taught Islam. Perhaps this is why a Karachiite is not able to accept the Islam being propagated by the Taliban while someone in Swat just bows their head and nods. This has to be so because the million strong throng of men witnessed at the Muslim Khans rally call could not be there only because of his good will. Nay they looked like they were ready to do it all for him and those were ordinary residents of Swat who no doubt are convinced that the Taliban are their saviors.

However we as a society cannot function if the moderates among us are wiped out of existence or lashed for speaking their minds. We have a task, which is to enlighten and educate the conservatives and to point out to them the vivid differences between the Prophet Muhammad’s implemented Shariah and the one being implemented by the Taliban. Obviously we each have a different interpretation of Islam and thus have to find and consult ulema who can help guide us as to where we are headed with our reasoning.

For this purpose I had the good fortune of coming in contact with Dr Khalid Zaheer an enlightened scholar of Islam who helped clear out a lot of my thoughts regarding the following three burning questions.

1. Where in our religion is beheading allowed and against what crime? How is it that the taliban are beheading people for crimes like spying?

KZ :Islam allows taking the life of another human for two — and only — reasons: If the individual is guilty of killing another human or he is, worse still, guilty of creating mischief on earth, which means he has caused the life, wealth, or honour of others to be in peril because of his misdeeds. In the latter case, such criminals are allowed to be sometimes killed in a merciless manner, if the severity of the crime so demands. If an individual kills another human for any reasons other than these two, he will be held guilty of killing the entire mankind. (Qur’an; 5:32)

Taliban are killing people for spying because they find some mentions of similar incidents of killing in the hadith. What they fail to understand is the fact that the cases mentioned in the hadith have to do with the times of the messenger alone. The Quran clarifies unmistakably the fact that the people who deny God’s messengers during their lifetime are to be subjected to divine punishments. One form divine punishments can take is through the might of the companions of the prophet. The Quran clarifies that during the prophet’s life, it was this kind of punishment that was inflicted on the enemies of Islam. It has nothing to do with any other times.

Taliban and the likes do not acknowledge that reality. They are people who cannot be talked to. Therefore the damage that has been done cannot, unfortunately, be undone by any amount of efforts.

2. Religiously speaking is it right to demand of women not to venture out of their home for work or recreation?

KZ :There is no reason why women can be prevented from stepping out of their homes. Again, during the lifetime of the prophet, his wives were asked not to step out of their homes unnecessarily, because there were hypocrites and Jews who wanted to scandalize the family of the prophet, alaihissalaam. Quran is clear in this matter too. Taliban generalize those verses and the ahadith related to them even though there are many others that clarify the real understanding.

3. Does Islam allow for annexation of land through religion, if we recall the Muslims of mecca won many battles and ruled many countries during their time, can the Taliban then capture Pakistan as their right to spread Islam?

KZ: No, Muslims can’t do it now. What happened in the first generation of Muslims again had to do with God’s laws for the messengers.

You will find that many modern-day problems are linked with two issues: Muslims i) not willing to alter their views and as a consequence ii) not understanding the clear mention of the law regarding the messengers in the Quran.

In short my friends, this is hardly the Islam brought by the Quran and taught by the Prophet through his teachings the sunnah, this is a very rigid very cruel subversion of it based on Wahabiasm and Talibanism mixed with just the added flavor of militancy to make it suitable to the needs of this section of our country. We must learn the difference and I hope this writeup will go a few steps in that direction.

  1. I agree with your idea but some of the answers of the sheikh seem vague and uncomplete.

    I once faced this situation in karachi where I had come across a hadith which said saying AMEEN after fatih is ok…when i asked an Imam in karachi abt this, his final answer was….we shouldnt get into discussion…I mean how are we supposed to learn basically he meant i’m imam your a lay-man trust what i say….

  2. Well Dr Khalid disagrees on that very principle he says all the Sheik’s and ulema are men just like you n me so they can make mistakes the key is to ask around and then follow the one YOU think is right.

    The sheikh can be asked questions @

    He can be wrong as well….this whole follow me cuz im an imam is b.s man

  3. I think the army coming in was the best thing that could have happened.

    And I fully agree with you – its true. We aren’t encouraged to questions until we learn in great detail – and learning in great detail drowns your questions in fundamentalism as opposed to satiating learning with Islamic logic

  4. Faisal very informative article

    My belief with regard to religious issues is (and this has nothing to do with article above):

    Do not mold religion to suit your needs; instead mold yourself to meet the needs of religion

    moderation is necessary in islam but there is a fine line between moderation and violating the rules of the religion in the name of enlightened moderation.. while we must strive against the talibanised irregularities in comparison to the essence of the religion, we must also strive against wrongly proclaiming something in the name of moderation which doesnt pertain to islamic doctrines…

    just a small point on my part as i always believe we must look at both sides of the coin.

  5. The so called moderate elites of Pakistan went to private schools, learned about evolution in science, read one too many books which made them question the existence of God, experienced western cultures, civil society and life style through clothing, music, movies, cable, news, visiting or living or receiving education over there and are fortunate of being raised in a moderately liberal family. Whereas someone from Swat never had that opportunity. Hence the difference 🙂

  6. I whole heartedly agree- Jihad is to fight,strive nad seek for knowledge Unfortunately we are tabooed to question andything. This ends up as a chaotic tussle between logic and religion. Most of us just give in and keep religion above our rational understanding. The concepts are there to be applied to our lives not to decorated scaredly or used at convenience. The QURAN is menat for alal of us not jus IMAM’s , seeking for an IMAM’s opinion for assistance is differet but completing relying read following is uncalled for. We were all given the same copy of QURAN if we choose to follown someone vainly we dont have anyone to blame but ourselves. A very very well written piece I must say !:)

  7. The Shiekh says:

    Islam allows taking the life of another human for two — and only — reasons: If the individual is guilty of killing another human or he is, worse still, guilty of creating mischief on earth, which means he has caused the life, wealth, or honour of others to be in peril because of his misdeeds. In the latter case, such criminals are allowed to be sometimes killed in a merciless manner, if the severity of the crime so demands. If an individual kills another human for any reasons other than these two, he will be held guilty of killing the entire mankind.

    Can’t Taliban use this argument in their cases for beheading of spies? That these “Spies” caused U.S. Drones (Taliban would say Kafirs here) to target “mujahids”. While targeting mujahids these drones also caused destruction of civilian properties and lives. So I think it is very easy for taliban to justify the killings.

    However, I have heard Mufti Muneeb ur Rehman talking on television that Islam does not allow groups of warriors, mujahids, even Ulema’s to impose sharia on other muslims. To impose Sharia laws and implement them is the duty of the state not of individuals or groups. So it will remain UnIslamic and horrific murders until a state body, a court of law orders such a punishment and carries out its execution under its supervision.

  8. Wrong.

    1. Islam allows killing to spread Islam (Fight them, smite them….). Remember, Allah says that Muslims are put on earth to kill and be killed (Quran 9:111). There is nothing that limits this to any historical time. About the word “mischief”… What kind of deity would use a word so vague and easy to misuse? Ah, Allah would.
    2. The wives of Mohammad were confined to limited spaces. They were ordered to cover up. This is well-known. The Quran says that Mohammad is a great example, one to follow (33:21). Thus, it is proper for Muslim women to be covered and confined.
    3. Mohammad attacked non-Muslims dozens of times (read the hadith!). He even attacked Muslims (9:107,110). He also ordered Muslims to fight until Islam prevails. Don’t forget that he expelled all non-Muslims from Arabia.

    Obviously the “enlightened scholar of Islam” doesn’t know much about Islam.
    This is cruel, but it is the Islam of the Quran and the sunnah. This is why the Taliban will win. This is why the people of Pakistan are doomed.

    Oh yes, never think, never ask questions about Islam, because if you do you will lose faith (5:101-102).

  9. @J. Kactuz
    You are a wonderful example of someone who reads something then because he thinks he fully understood what was written he can now slander it.

    1. The prophet Muhammad PBUH explained what mischief meant. That is why he was sent by Allah to clarify and explain because ppl such as yourself will pervert the meanings and interpret the Quran according to their intelect.

    2. The wives of the Prophet were told to cover up but were never confined. Maybe by ‘well known’ u mean well known from incorrect sources. There are true accounts of the the prophet when he ran two races against his wife Aisha R.A one of which he won. You obviously just picked up the first incorrect thing you read and did not verify it. Because why are then in Islam women allowed to work?????????? Indeed the last prophet is the best example for us.

    3. I still cannot believe how you believe you understand everything without researching. The ayats you mentioned about muslims being attacked were not muslims but hypocrytes who built a mosque for the sole purpose of planning against Islam in it. And about attacking Non-Muslims i do beleive sir you have never read the history of our world. What about the christian crusades?? War and humanity are constant companions and Muslims and Non-muslims cannot and will not live together in peace as is evident these days and the prophet knew that ergo the wars. Christianity also has similar lines of text in the bible Romans 13:1-4. Oh and i wonder why there are no muslims in the Vatican?

    Oh and the questioning bit. That was Allah advising the believers to not ask about every single thing because he will answer and you will have no choice but to follow. The people of a previous prophet did that when they were told to sacrifice a cow and in the end they were told to sacrifice a specific type,color,age and built of cow because they kept asking questions about it.

    Oh yes, Ask questions about Islam because you understand only by asking. Even a 3 year old knows that.

  10. This is insane. Everything in Islam, near this person seems to be limited to Prophets time. Lets leave the Quran and Sunnah till back then too? heck, lets leave the other basic articles of faith to the time of the Prophet too.
    And how is it that some things are limited to companions time only. Shouldnt it just be generally applicable to everyone after the Prophets time. Or do you really reduce the scope of Islam for every followig generation?
    While I totally agree that questioning is necessary. and it is only through inquiry that you understand. I certainly disagree with limiting a lot of aspects (some not even discussed here) Mr. KZ limits.
    Wahhabism is an extreme form of Islam. There were everlasting principles introduced by the Prophet, there was an interpretation he did from which principles were evident. We need to use them, and apply them on modern day and age. Non of them must, or can be reduced. And non of them portray a limiting aspect in Islam.


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